[interview] Jeremy Loops having a casual chat with us, you can catch him for HALLOWEEN at Arcade Empire

[interview] Jeremy Loops having a casual chat with us, you can catch him for HALLOWEEN at Arcade Empire

Jeremy Loops has been a fans favorite in South Africa for quite some time now and his debut album, TRADING CHANGE, has not hindered this one bit. Actually, it has reaffirmed his status as one of the very best local artists we have coming out of our beautiful country. The release of his album has also put Jeremy on the world’s map, where he is absolutely adored by millions all over the world. The album went straight to No.1 on the iTunes charts and his music is being played all over our airwaves. One of the things that has put Jeremy on the map is his LIVE shows, where he gets your dancing and singing along to his very catchy melodies. This coming Friday you can catch him playing at the epic HALLOWEEN party at Arcade Empire. We caught up with him for a short chat, this is what he had to say:


[interview] Jeremy Loops having a casual chat with us, you can catch him for HALLOWEEN at Arcade Empire

MA: Hey Jeremy, nice to be chatting to you again… How has 2014 been treating you?

JL: 2014’s been great! We launched my album and it debuted at number 1, we’ve traveled Europe and North America again, and we’ve played tons of great shows. Any musician who isn’t pleased with that needs to check their priorities! Haha.

MA: One of your highlights (and ours) of the year must have been the release of you debut album,TRADING CHANGE? We have totally loved listening to it. Easily one of my favourite albums of the year.  How has the response been thus far?

JL: The response, commercially and critically, has been great. So many of my peers have written to me saying how much they’ve enjoyed it. Radio has really embraced it too, which is quite something for me, with the lead single Down South peaking at number 1 on several stations and the second single Skinny Blues having massive momentum too at the moment. For me, the most important thing is that we’re proud of what we’ve created and that it connects with people. I think we’ve done well in that respect.

MA: I see you have been traveling a bit lately. It must have been a crazy year, with many rad adventures? What memorable gig, from the release of your album and you performing new ‘familiar’ songs, which they have heard on your album or on the radio, stands out in the memory?

JL: So many memories. I think taking your music to the world and seeing new people respond positively to it will always be its own kind of special. I think launching the album at Kirstenbosch to a sell out crowd of 6000 was our moment. Again, though, there was also Rocking The Daisies and all the wild club gigs we played.

Look, I avoid looking for isolated highlights. We focus on small victories, and every show is an opportunity for that for our team, so every step and every stage  is as important as the next.

Jeremy Loops - Trading Change- Mixed Apples feature

MA: When you were working on the album, you must have had a feeling on which song would stand out or that people (radio) would take a liking to? Was “SKINNY BLUES” one of them? That song seems to be getting mad love…

JL: I never had that feeling. We just made the best album we could. Once we had a body of work we were proud of, we looked at each song in isolation to figure out what the singles could be. For me, it could have been any one of six songs, outside of Power and Mission to the Sun which were released some time before the album came out. So in South Africa we led with Down South and Skinny Blues has followed and both have done really well. In America, we led with Sinner, so that shows the scope we have.

Personally, I’m suspicious of musicians who write ‘singles’ deliberately, as opposed to just making a great album and picking a single therefrom. It’s like those 12 track albums that only have 3 good songs, all of which were singles. I dislike that.

MA: So you are playing at the legendary Arcade Empire, HALLOWEEN Party, this year. That must be mad exciting? What can we expect from the show? (i cant wait to dance and sing like a carefree responsible fool) 😉

JL: We only have one principle for preparing shows, and that’s to put on the best show we can possibly put on. Surprises may come about from that. Sometimes new songs, sometimes extra musicians. One day maybe even pyrotechnics. Haha. It’s all about putting on an amazing show.

MA: Anything else going in in Jeremy Loops’s life? Maybe?

JL: Sure. Trying to stay above water! Haha.

Halloween 2014 posterEVENT INFO: https://www.facebook.com/events/1439217613019201/

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