[interview] JERAIN Releases New Single – GOLD

[interview] JERAIN Releases New Single - GOLD

Today, 27 June 2016, sees the official release of a brand new single by CT based singer/songwriter, JERAIN – entitled GOLD, through Rude World Records.

GOLD was written a few months ago by JERAIN. She saw the writing of the song as a therapy session and drew inspiration for the song from her own journey, the industry as a whole and her place in it.

“I call it my struggle song. It is about the ups and downs of the music industry. How much I love it, how long and hard I have worked. Every musician can relate, I’m sure. The rewards outweigh everything because you love being on stage and having a voice and just having people hear your work.”

[interview] JERAIN Releases New Single - GOLD

GOLD was co-written and produced by JIMMY NEVIS. JERAIN describes working with JIMMY, also signed to Rude World Records, as very insightful. His mind works in a different way – he has a knack for saying simple things in an unimaginable way. He taught her to always make things better, whether it is a hook or a title or just a harmony.

GOLD is very different from any previous releases by JERAIN, although it still features her signature pop vocals with hints of RnB.

“It’s sometimes easy to get lost in your own bubble and up until now I wrote only for me. I’ve experienced a lot so I wanted those who were crossing paths with me to see I had worked a conversation we had into a song, or took note of what they said in a photo or artwork. I wanted it all to come full circle.”

Buy GOLD here on iTunes!

Interview: Jerain

[interview] JERAIN Releases New Single - GOLD

  • Hello Jerain, its lovely to be chatting to you… 

Thanks, so great to be sharing with you!

  • Please can you give us a short background on where/how you got started in the music scene?

I started singing at a really young age – mostly in church. During high school I met the head engineer of Rude World Records and when I was in my first year at uni he asked me to feature as a vocalist on some of his songs. Those songs were then playlisted on local radio and I guess its snowballed since then. I signed with them and have been with Rude World ever since.

  • You are releasing your brand new single called GOLD. What can we expect from this song? 

Gold is a new song. Its co-written and produced by Jimmy Nevis. I had always wanted to pick his brain and since we’re with the same label, it made sense to study his journey. We spoke and wrote and Gold was a product of those sessions. Everything always looks great from the outside and I suppose the song speaks about the struggles people dont always see. You can expect the same powerful vocals, edgey and honest lyrics with a lot more going on in the track. Most of my previous work was acoustic. I’ve moved away from that with this project.

  • Where/when can people get their hands on a copy of this tune?

iTunes – Buy GOLD here on iTunes!

  • Is there anything else that you are currently working on that we might want to hear about?

Definitely more music! I’m releasing new material in the near future. It’ll boast the same strong, pop sound with urban influences.

  • Where do we follow you on social media?

Website: http://rudeworldrecords.co.za/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MsJerain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jerain_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Jerain_

  • Thanks for your time and good luck with this single… 


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