[interview] Jason Hinch – Drummer. Blood Brother 30th September 2017

[interview] Jason Hinch - Drummer. Blood Brother 30th September 2017_Credit: Andre Badenhorst

Photo Credit: Andre Badenhorst

In little over a weeks time, we get the pleasure of watching 10 of South Africa’s local rock legends unite as one in the battle against cancer, in support of the Vrede Foundation, as the supergroup called Blood Brothers. This will be the 3rd annual Blood Brothers concert, which will be taking place at The Good Luck Bar on Saturday the 30th September. One of the local rock legends that will be taking part, for the third time, is drummer Jason Hinch, who is extremely excited to be back on stage with all these legends. We managed to have a short chat with Jason, lets see what he had to say:

Interview: JASON HINCH

[interview] Jason Hinch - Drummer. Blood Brother 30th September 2017

  • Hello Jason… how you doing today? 
Doing great, thanks so much. Just got back from 3 weeks in France, Spain and the Netherlands so yeah.. Couldn’t be better actually!
  • Before we get started, can you please give us a short background on Jason Hinch the musician? Where in SA do you come from? How did you get involved in music?
Cool. I was born in Pretoria. My parents where both professional musicians. My dad was a Doctor and Professor of music. After school I studied jazz drumming and composition and after my degree I went on to tour and record full time which i’ve done ever since. I’ve worked with a lot of artists in SA including Albert Frost, Bok van Blerk, Arno Carstens, Piet Botha, The Slashdogs, Boargazm, Zolani Mahola from Freshly Ground and many, many more.
  • Was music always an inspiration in your household growing up?
Definitely. Different family members introduced me to different styles of music. My dad was all about jazz and classical music like Miles Davis and Bill Evans, my mother was more into rock; stuff like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. My oldest brother introduced me to Guns ‘N Roses and later Prodigy etc. and my second oldest brother was more into punk like NOFX etc and later on mind bending prog. and metal, like Mehuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan. I think this is definitely one of the reasons i’m interested in working in so many different styles of music.
  • What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently? 
I don’t think you can really make a scene change. I think people naturally gravitate to whatever they gravitate towards and complaining about it does nothing. I think if anything, artists should just focus on being themselves. Don’t be afraid to try new things and challenge yourself.
  • Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?
Too many to count. Rock-wise; Hellcats are my boys. The Tazers are brilliant. Medicine Boy, Miagii, Josh Kempen, Adelle Nqeto, We Are Charlie, Southern Wild.. The list goes on. Too many!
[interview] Jason Hinch - Drummer. Blood Brother 30th September 2017_Credit: Andre Badenhorst
  • You are part of the incredible production called Blood Brothers, which brings some of South Africa’s best musicians together to form what you can call a “super group”. This must be something special for you and the others involved? Can you give us a bit more background on Blood Brothers?
I’m incredibly proud to be a part of such a worthwhile cause. This is my third year as a part of the project and it’s always a huge pleasure for me. Blood Brothers is an initiative by the Vrede Foundation which is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation aimed at raising money and awareness about youth cancer. Raising awareness about cancer amongst young people in order to better help prevention and early diagnosis is the main cause as well as raising money to aid young people already diagnosed with cancer, who might not be able to afford treatment otherwise.
  • Which musicians make up the Blood Brothers in 2017?

Francois van Coke

Albert Frost
Garth Barnes
Hanu De Jong
Kobus De Kock Jnr
Jaco Mans
Chris Van Der Walt
Jason Oosthuizen
Loandi Boersma and
Jason Hinch

  • What can we expect from your shows this year?
An epic set of songs performed by some of SA’s biggest rock musicians. Nowhere else can you see Hanu from the Narrow covering a Rage Against the Machine song, with Garth from CrashCarBurn on backing vocals, Albert Frost on guitar, Chris from Boargazm on bass, Jaco Mans from Tidal Waves/Bok van Blerk on lead guitar, two drummers and who knows what else. It really is something special.
  • Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?
There’s a ton of amazing competitions and promo stuff happening around the event. We’re incredibly proud to have Vodacom, Converse, Pringles, The Red Rock Brewing Co and Jågermeister as the official sponsors this year so we’re doing quite a few initiatives with those companies. Check out their socials for more.


  • Where can we follow you on Social media?
Facebook: @iamjasonhinch
Insragram: @jason_hinch
Check out the following for more details, tickets and competitions:

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