[interview] JANICE Releases New Single NOW OR NEVER (Ft. Ason)

[interview] JANICE Releases New Single NOW OR NEVER (Ft. Ason)-credit-anika-molnar

Today sees the official release of a brand new single by CT based singer/songwriter named JANICE. The single is entitled NOW OR NEVER and also features rapper ASON, and comes after the release of her previous hit single, Liar Liar.

The single was written in May 2016 by JANICE, and just like her other music, she describes it as coming naturally in the spur of the moment. One of her producers played a track for her, and she wrote the lyrics to NOW OR NEVER the same day.

Besides it being a catchy title, it also describes the song’s message perfectly: “The inspiration for the song might have been a new love interest. And I felt the need to let him know that it’s either Now or Never!” laughs Janice.

Like her previous work, the single also features a lot of Janice’s sass and attitude. It also contains loads of melody and a story with a realness completing it.

Interview: Janice

[interview] JANICE Releases New Single NOW OR NEVER (Ft. Ason)-credit-anika-molnar

MA: Good day Janice, how you doing?? Its rad to be chatting to you!!
Hey I’m good thank you , hope you are well too ? It’s so nice of you to ask .

MA: Before we get started, can you please give us a short background on yourself? Where do you come from? How you got interested in playing music?
I’m a Singer , Songwriter from Cape town , South Africa. Born and raised in Athlone . I grew up singing . It’s always been in my family . And then I entered a well known televised singing competition in my matric year, that never went very well .

I then left the music industry for a while . Until my good friend Jimmy Nevis convinced me to join his team as a backing vocalist .  With much convincing I said yes . I went to work for other artist like  Loyiso Bala and many more but most know me as the BV for Jimmy Nevis.

MA: Has music always been an inspiration for you growing up?
Yes it has . Most of my aunts and uncles sing. It was more of a second nature situation than a inspiration.

MA: What musicians or bands were inspirations to your and you sound?

Mariah Carey
Chaka Khan
Whitney Houston
Christina Aguilera
Anita Baker
Helen Baylor

[interview] JANICE Releases New Single NOW OR NEVER (Ft. Ason)-credit-stephanie-papini

MA: You are releasing your new single, NOW or NEVER, which launches on the 21st October. What can we expect from this single?
It’s a hot , fun summer jam that just so catchy is hard to get out of your head .

MA: Any notable collaborations on the song?
Yes an amazing young rapper called Ason . His amazing !!!!

MA: Where can your fans get a copy of the new single??
Itunes , youtube , apple music , soundcloud .

MA: Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?
Well I’m in studio working on the album . But that will be revealed in due time .

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?
Facebook: Janice
Twitter: @janicenow
Instagram: @janicenow
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/janice-now
YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/h5x9758

Buy NOW OR NEVER here on iTunes!

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