[interview] JakobSnake – Grietfest Festival 2017

[interview] Jakobsnake - Grietfest Festival 2017-BYJONO2

Talented Johannesburg DJ/Producer, JakobSnake, will be brining his infectious sound and charismatic personality to this years Grietfest Festival, taking place next weekend! We sat down with the man himself to chat briefly about his musical journey and what we can expect from his set at Grietfest 2017! This is what he had to say:

Interview: JakobSnake

[interview] Jakobsnake - Grietfest Festival 2017-BYJONO2

• Hey Jake, how you doing? Really cool to be chatting to you. 

I’m cool 🙂 Thanks for getting in touch.

• Can we start with your name and where in SA you come from?

My name is Jake Nathan Lipman, and Im originally from JHB, but I’ve been living in CPT for about 10 years.

• Was music always an influence in your household? Something you grew up with?

I grew up with a ton of music. my dad had collected records since he was about 20, and had carried them with him in his life throughout the years. my parents were always very into all kinds of music.

• When did you starting enjoying music? 

It was something consistently there for me, and really hard to pinpoint exactly when.

[interview] Jakobsnake - Grietfest Festival 2017-by-NSB

• It seems like its part of who you are. Not only do you DJ/Produce but you also play the drums. (Besides a whole lot more I’m guessing). What did you get into first?

I won a drumming competition in very early primary school actually. A man named Cedric Samson brought a drum kit to our school and taught us to play single stroke rolls, and i guess i was best at it, and I won a pair of drum sticks – I was younger than 10. I started to gain interest in and express myself through rap music soon after and then things like techno and more definite electronic music quite soon after that when i was about 11.

• There have been some really awesome festivals and rad events, all over the country. You have played at some of the biggest events, alongside some really talented artists… What are your thoughts of our local party scene at the moment?

I’ll answer your question in another way maybe. I worry that something has been absolutely lost in music. There were always artists making music as a product, because people wanted it, but because mainstream culture has become much more focussed on the marketability of music, I see people making music or (more specifically) DJing as a product or offering or to seek money & fame as a primary motive more than because it intrinsically comes out of them. For me music is a form of expression first and foremost, fame and success are a lucky byproduct, not the other way round. So to answer your question with that said, the party scene is alright – a bit too simplified and dishonest for the most part, but the people in SA making & playing music as an honest expression are easily some of the most incredible, forward thinking, well rounded in the world 🙂

• Are there any artists that you think deserve a mention?

To mention a couple in an article is too difficult. That is a great thing to be able to say.


• You are jamming at Grietfest 2017 😀 You excited for the event? Definitely one of the best nights every year. What can we expect from your set? 

Grietfest is one of my absolute favourites! It allows me to really flex my musical muscles and be a bit selfish musically. I know people come to Grietfest expecting to hear great music, not just music they know. As long as people are having a good time, so am I, and I love what I do.

• Is there anything you working on that you might want to let the people know?

I have been working in the music industry for the last decade, and started Cape Town Electronic Music Festival a couple years ago with some friends – we love that festival so much and it has been so gratifying to continue to roll-out. Im really looking forward to the 2018 edition.

I have also producing music under the name Manaleen for the past two years or so, it started as a secret project that i told almost no one about, and its main purpose was to just make me follow through with things, but you can find my stuff on Soundcloud –https://soundcloud.com/manaleen if you want 🙂

• Where can we follow you on Social Media?


• Thanks for you time.. See you at Grittiest.

Excited as fuck 🙂

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