[Interview] House Knights (HK) – One of hottest acts JHB will be playing at THE LAUNDRY fest DIS&DAT (Italy)

[Interview] House Knights (HK) - One of hottest acts JHB will be playing at THE LAUNDRY fest DIS&DAT (Italy)This Friday we continue our tour with Italian duo, Dis&Dat. Coming off an incredible first weekend, where they had two amazing sets, at Trio Nova SUNSET SIZLA and Park Acoustics CABIN FEVER DANCE FLOOR, they are well in the swing of things and very excited to be hitting JHB this Friday!! Alongside them this Friday is one of our favourite local duo’s, HOUSE KNIGHTS (HK). Along with their amazing track selection and insane mixing skills, these guys have touched our soul with some of the best events we have been to over the past few years! Getting to know them a bit better with this short interview, we know that they are super keen for this Friday and excited to play alongside the guys from Italy. Lets take a look at what they had to say:

Interview – House Knights

[Interview] House Knights (HK) - One of hottest acts JHB will be playing at THE LAUNDRY fest DIS&DAT (Italy)

  • Hello House Knights how you guys doing? Its a pleasure to be chatting to you both again!!
Thank you for having us, it is always a pleasure!
  • Before we get started, do you mind giving us a bit of background on how/where you guys met each other? 
It was many moons ago on a bright summer day, haha no we kidding, we were around 10 years old at Portuguese classes after school and during break Jody was being his cool self leaning against a brick wall blasting informer by snow on his boom box and Miguel approached him and asked to join and for MANY breaks after that they would listen to that boom box trying to learn the words to informer. The music connection was instant!
  • Has it always been musically how you guys connect? 

The music connection was immediate, but behind that I’m going to get emotional and say there is a strong friendship that holds our DJ partnership together .. aaaawwwww

  • Would you say that your styles compliment each other?

We would definitely like to think so haha .. Miguel’s flavour is more on the deep, vocal and soulful tip where Jody likes to implement his more energetic and grooving sounds and the two go hand in hand.

  • 2014 was quite a busy year in general for the SA music scene, especially the house scene… What were some of your favourite moments from last year?

There are too many to mention but hands down we would have to say opening for Stimming at Truth, Jullian Gomes was on after us and he switched off the music for us to receive an applause and we didn’t expect what we got at all! We have goose bumps just thinking about, Totally humbled by the experience.

[Interview] House Knights (HK) - One of hottest acts JHB will be playing at THE LAUNDRY fest DIS&DAT (Italy)
  • What are your thoughts of our local music scene currently?

It might be a little saturated at the moment, I think we have more DJ’s than doctors in Johannesburg but with new DJ’s coming out of everywhere there is amazing talent coming through and that is exciting!

  • Any amazing new artists hit the scene that you think needs a special mention?

I have to mention Deep Souls, I wouldn’t call them new but they definitely made a noise last year more than ever, and we totally love their sound and work ethic. They are definitely poised to do good things in the industry

  • You guys are playing Back-to-Back at The Laundry presents Dis&Dat, at CAPITAL Underground, party on the 6th March. Are you excited for this one and what can we expect from your set?

We are definitely excited ! There is not one gig we don’t get totally amped to do what we love. Wow what to expect from our set is a difficult one to answer, we take each set for what it is, where it is and what the audience is reacting too, so each set is unique but you can expect our fully devoted love and attention haha.

Dis and Dat
  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?
You’re hearing it first here, We have an album coming out with Do it Now Recordings, expected late March, keep a look out !
  • Where can we follow you on social media?

You can follow the House Knights page on facebook, we also have a group, you can visit our website where we host a free podcast with many guest artists, our Twitter handle is @HKhouseknights you can follow Miguel Tavares on his like page on Facebook and his twitter handle is @MiguelTavaresDJ and Jody’s twitter handle is @jodeepa

  • Thanks for your time, see you guys there 😀 

Awesome we cannot wait.

Take a listen to their latest HK Podcast, feat Miguel Tavarez & Brian Blaq

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