[interview] Half Sister – Live at Park Acoustics, alongside Matthew Mole

[interview] Half Sister - Live at Park Acoustics, alongside Matthew Mole

Date: Sunday, 28 October 2018
Venue: Voortrekker Monument, PTA
Entrance: R135 online at http://www.parkacoustics.co.za, R160 at the gate.
(Free for children under the age of 6, R15 per vehicle at entrance of nature reserve.)
Time: Gates open 10AM – 18h30PM
Line-Up: Matthew Mole, Klopjag, Van Pletzen & More!
Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/2OlvTVa

Interviews: Half Sister

[interview] Half Sister - Live at Park Acoustics, alongside Matthew Mole

MA: Hello there, how you doing today Jaco? Really cool to be chatting to you

I’m doing rather well, thanks for asking. I enjoy chatting to you guys as well…

MA: Do you mind starting with a quick 101 on who Half Sister are? Where in SA are you from and how did you get started in the music scene?

So we started out as a 3-piece band in 2017, played Oppikoppi, and then one of the founding three moved to Cape Town. Louwrens and I then held some auditions, we listened to more than 40 potential singer/synth-players, and eventually decided that we needed 3 new members, so now we’re a 5-piece band, based in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Jaco has played in many bands since 1998, Louwrens has a degree in music and can make any instrument (from kalimbas to self-made synths, even though he’s a drummer) behave in ways nobody knew possible, Cynthia has also played in tons of bands, and the lovely Reinecke sisters, Anika and Imke, who grew up in the Netherlands, have added two seriously amazing voices to Half-Sister’s sound…

MA: Give us some of your musical influences as a band?

Always hard to say when there are 5 very diverse people coming together to create new sounds, but if you have to play the sonic association game, think Stranger Things meets Twin Peaks meets Arcade Fire.

MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene at the moment?

What a time to be alive 🙂

MA: Any acts/bands/artists that you think need a special mention?

Go check out the Wêreld crew – lots of beautiful innovative auteur-driven music in that collective.

MA: You will be playing at Park Acoustics event this month…. Are you excited for the gig? What can we expect from your set?

Very excited! We’re up first, at 11:00, so if you’re keen to hear what we sound like live make sure you get there early…we’ve been rehearsing real hard so we’re keen to drop our synthwave/alternative rock/kalimba-dream music on everyone hearing us for the first time.

MA: Anything else you currently working on that we may be interested in?

Our first single THEY NEED THAT FIRE is live on all digital platforms on 15 October, with ridiculously beautiful artwork by Octavia Roodt, and the video will go live a few days before Park Acoustics as well…

[interview] Half Sister - Live at Park Acoustics, alongside Matthew Mole
MA: Where can people follow you on Social Media?

instagram: @halfsisterband
facebook: Half-Sister

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