[interview] Getting to know Riders Connection (Germany)


Every now and then you stumble across a true musical gem.. That is exactly what happened to me recently when I came across a three piece band who call themselves Riders Connection. Hailing from the city of Berlin, Germany these guys have pioneered a unique Folk/Reggae sound which is as catchy as the common cold. Their sound is so light and easy to listen to that it will appeal to a wide variety of audiences. You will find yourself wanting more each time you hear a track. Luckily Rider Connection has been hard at work recording their debut studio album here in South Africa and are hoping to release it very soon. I personally can not wait to hear more from these guys. European markets are quite accustomed to hearing beatboxing incorporated into music, here in SA – not so much and I think it is freaken awesome! Just take a listen…

We were lucky enough to have a chat with the Guys from Riders Connection, just to find out a little bit more, this is how it went down:

HI Guys, Thanks for your time. Please introduce us to your band? 

Philipp Ressel – Guitar, Vocals and mouth trumpet
Moritz Eickworth – Beatbox
Alexsej Solod – Bass 

I was so blown away by your sound, I then wondered to my self – How long has been Riders Connection been making music and where did it all start?

Thank you, really glad you enjoy our music.

Riders Connection has been together for almost 5 years now.

The music evolved on the streets of Berlin, using minimal instruments to create deep and soulful melodies. The union of the acoustic guitar with the natural sounds of the mouth trumpet (Which started off as an accident while our singer was practicing his daily singing exercises ) and beatboxing (pure human instrument with no effects) gave us a uniquely rich sound which was refined while performing 2 years on the streets and in train stations around Berlin. With the flow of time, the bass was incorporated, and the music matured to resonate with a widely varying audience. From this point we felt Listeners were uplifted and unified around the fusion of warm melodies and deep and soulful lyrics that we aimed at creating. At this stage we knew that this was our path and that we were going to do everything we could to share our music and message with the world. 


You are currently spending time here in sunny South Africa, what are you guys doing while you are here?

At the moment we are still in South Africa until the 11th of February 2015, we have just come back from recording our debut album at a house located directly at the seaside in a small village called Shelly Point up the west coast of South Africa. We spent 7 days in total recording our debut album live on the beach and are now back in Cape Town to perform at a music showcase with Steve Newman in Claremont which we are really excited about, and to perform 3 final farewell concerts before flying back to Germany. Here are our upcoming dates: 

29/01 Bohemia – Stellenbosch,

30/01 Blah Blah bar – Cape Town,

31/01 Pakalolo – Houtbay. 

During this week we will also have a lot of studio work to do and we are going to push through so that our last two weeks in South Africa can be spent relaxing and enjoying the sun.

 Your sound definitely something unique and super-catchy, How would you describe the reaction to your music in South Africa?

..and how does it compare to reactions elsewhere in the world?

 The reaction in South Africa has been absolutely amazing!!! People have really shown a lot of appreciation for our music and have really supported us throughout our entire tour. We definitely did not expect to build such a solid fanbase in South Africa so quickly. 

We have been really blessed to receive similar responses to our music in Europe especially in countries such as Germany and Switzerland where most of our fans are based but we really feel that it does not matter which country you are from or what cultural background you have music will always bring people together and that is our aim every time we walk on to stage. We want to bring people together through our music. 

What would you say is the main influence for your music?

Definitely Reggae as in our minds it delivers a message of peace.

It has a quality of healing that is so powerful it can change the world. When people can sing together and dance together they are going through an unconscious process of healing and we feel that this process can often be found in reggae music. We would not call ourselves a reggae band but we are definitely influenced by the energy that reggae music offers people. 


I’m loving your EP “Natural Sound System”, What can we expect next?

We are really looking forward to finally share a full length album with the world this year. It will have a lot of new songs on it together with old songs that have been rearranged and restructured. We are very positive about what 2015 has in store for us. Even though we know it is going to be an extremely busy year we are ready and excited about what is waiting around the corner. 

Where can people follow you?

 Soundcloud –  https://soundcloud.com/riders-connection

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ridersconnection

Instragram – ridersconnection

Twitter – ConnectRiders

Youtube – Riders Connection

image source: Marvin Strauch

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