[Interview] Getting to know JHB based event organisers: IT’s MUTUAL, ahead of their event, BACK TO BASICS, this weekend!!

It's Mutual - Interview with Mixed ApplesIt’s Mutual is a Johannesburg based events company who look to connect with others through the common, universal language, MUSIC. Their “language” of choice is deep house, which we all know, moves the soul. They also look to promote the immensely talented artists available in our country, with features by all different artists at their events. Their next offering comes to us this Saturday, 21st February, at a intimate and stylish venue called Malakite. At this event, appropriately called BACK TO BASICS, you can catch some of Johannesburg’s top DJ’s rocking the one’s and two’s, some who will be playing solo, whilst other sets will be Back-to-Back sets by two dope acts. If you have yet to make plans for this weekend, we do suggest that one of them takes you past this sexy, deep house jol, where you will meet the sexiest of people, while enjoying the lovely tunes that will be on offer!! For now, lets see what the guys had to say:

It's Mutual - Interview with Mixed Apples

  • Hello guys, how you doing? Its awesome to be chatting to you guys!!

Very well thanks for asking, it’s an honour to be a part of the movement that is Mixed Apples.

  • Before we get started, do you mind giving us a background on the brand It’s Mutual and how you guys got started?

It’s Mutual started as a passion project between the three of us. It was a platform we used to market ourselves as well as the plethora of local talent that Joburg has to offer. Our first event in August of 2013 featured established artists such as HouseHold Funk and from there It’s Mutual made a name for itself.

  • Where did the inspiration for the concept come about?

The inspiration came from us being in the scene, and we wanted to be able to contribute to the industry in a small but effective way, by bringing new faces and new sounds forth.

It's Mutual - Interview with Mixed Apples It's Mutual - Interview with Mixed Apples It's Mutual - Interview with Mixed Apples

  • Is there any specific story behind the name It’s Mutual?

Music is a language that people of all denominations understand and relate to, thus the name It’s Mutual came about. We want people to share the love they have for music in a social environment.

  • What are your thoughts of our local music scene, especially the house scene and all the rad new productions on offer?

The scene is growing rapidly, which is great from a South African perspective especially with all the hidden local talent that there is to offer. With regards to all the productions out there, it is good to see everybody working together to put South Africa on the map and reach international standards. Such as you guys.

  • 2014 saw some amazing new artists hit the scene, anyone that you think needs a special mention?

There are too many to mention, it’s actually ineffable. There are a few names that impacted us on a personal level, just to name a few; Shelo, a nineteen year old wonderboy whose production is on a completely different level. Nuno Esteves, with his album “Close to me” was a release that really hit home. The one and only Cody Blanc, he has never ceased to impress us every time he plays and he deserves to be making the major moves that he is right now, and Nick Essential himself, who we feel never gets the credit he deserves, which is why he has played at three of our four events.

It's Mutual - Interview with Mixed Apples

  • You guys are hosting It’s Mutual: Back To Basics this weekend, at Malakite in JHB. What can we expect from this event? 

First of all it’s a carefully selected lineup of artists playing back to back to ensure music of the highest quality. It’s Mutual is more about the music than the perception of it. We are creating a space for people to have a good time and appreciate music for what it is.

  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

We have our sister event “It’s A Deep Thing” which has grown immensely in the past two years, a little something to keep your ears to the street for.

It's Mutual - Interview with Mixed Apples It's Mutual - Interview with Mixed Apples

  • Where can we follow you on social media?

We have our page on Facebook, It’s Mutual. That’s about it (laughs). We are still growing.

  • Thanks for your time, good luck for the event!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity. Hope to see you there!

IT’S Mutual – Back To Basics event:

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