[interview] Freecaps & Teeshirtz – Diverse pairing making music for our ears. Catch them at Park Acoustics this Sunday.

[interview] Freecaps & Teeshirtz - Diverse pairing making music for our ears. Catch them at Park Acoustics this Sunday.

The final act that we bring you ahead of a sold out Park Acoustics this coming Sunday is the diverse pairing of producer and saxophonist. These gents come together seamlessly to bring you an interesting mash up of loops, scratches, beat and live saxophone. be excited as these gents are ready to make you dance.

The eclectic due of producer – Mr Mixup – and saxophonist – Freddy Voodoo – mix original live-production and swing grooves for an electronic music set fused with the sounds of live instrumentation.

Why “Freecaps & Teeshirtz” you may ask?

Because really, when it comes down to it, who does’t love free caps and t-shirts?

Catching up with them for a short chat, this is what Freddy Voodoo & Mickey MicMickster had to say:

Interview: Freecaps & Teeshirtz

[interview] Freecaps & Teeshirtz - Diverse pairing making music for our ears. Catch them at Park Acoustics this Sunday.

Hi guys… it is good to be chatting to you… all you your side?

FV: All good Robin Hood!

Before we get started, can you please introduce us to the members of Freecaps & Teeshirtz?

MM: Sure thing. So F&T is made up of myself Mickey Mic Mickster on track selection, looping and live production and Mr Freddy Voodoo on saxophone.

Where did you guys meet up to form this formidable partnership?

FV: Micks and I first met when a mutual friend asked us to be part of a Depeche Mode tribute band for a special once off show. We are both huge Depeche fans so there was no way were turning down that request.

Mickey did the pre-production on the tracks and we met up at rehearsals for the first time, when it came to the live show we had such a jam together, him on guitar and me on sax along with the rest of the band.

We quickly discovered a common love for certain styles of music that tickle your ear buds and get your bum-wums shaking on the dance floor.

MM: Mr Voodoo is simply one of the most fun individuals you’re ever likely to meet! We got together in studio soon afterwards and continued to develop our partnership, with the vision of bringing live performances into the dance music space.

Being a DJ/Producer and a live Saxophonist, what is it that you guys offer in your live performances which the crowds will love?

FV: Man we just have so much fun doing what we do.

MM: It’s infectious. The crowd responds to the music and we respond to the crowd; in the tracks we select and the live layers we add on.

FV: We get so caught up in the vibe; humming melodies to each other, repeating them with our instruments and then bringing them into the mix.

MM: We introduce new loops or sounds in a similar way to how DJs mix new tracks together, so we can build these awesome layers of sound and play around with them, affecting them with production techniques, looping and warping them as we go along.

We call our live set-up the “Noise Lab”, and we conduct these sound experiments on the fly, to see what we can create using what’s available to us, including instruments and our voices.

FV: People really seem to enjoy what we do, and our performance kinda places us in the role of the mad scientists ek se!

What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently? 

MM: There are some really passionate people working real hard to put together some amazing events. The big festivals that have been around for some time but also the new smaller ones like Mieliepop, where local music is truly celebrated and where there is a special comradery with artists and fans.

It would be really great for fans to have more opportunities to watch live music a little closer to home, without having to wait for the summer festival season.

Park Acoustics is one of those rare gems you know. More night-life spots that aren’t afraid to mix up their offerings to patrons, spots like Arcade Empire in Pretoria and the Goodluck Bar in Jozi, where a mix of bands is often followed up by DJs who keep the party going.

Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

FV: Wow there are so many! We’re both really big local music fans.

MM: It’s so good to have the New Academics back on the scene again; I get to watch my favourite guitar player in the world, Mr Dave Baudains, right in my back yard.

FV: And also the incredibly talented Grassy Spark from Cape Town, those boys just landed a big record deal. So very much deserved with that really dope, fresh sound they got going.


You guys will be closing off the floor at Park Acoustics this month… are you excited for this? What can we expect from your set?

MM: Man it’s such an honour for us to be playing at Park Acoustics; I remember attending the very first one all those years ago, and attending so many since.

We really love to blend and bend genres in our sets, there’s always a beat to get your groove on, and melodies from instruments, either in the tracks or brought in live. Blues, swing, rock ‘n roll, reggae, there’s really nowhere we are afraid to go.

We’ve got something very special in store for the good people of Fort Schanskop with some really talented friends joining us in the mix-up.

Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

FV: Oh yeah! We’ll be releasing our first single next month, a mash up of break-beat and blues, featuring our buddy Boywonder on the microphone. It’s a really unique sound, so keep an ear out for it.

Where can we follow you on Social media?

MM: Sure thing, hit us up with a like on our face page, and we’ll keep you in the loop about upcoming shows and tracks and mixes:


  • Thanks for your time guys…!!

FV: What a pleasure!

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