[interview] Fokof Lager – Ready for a weekend of madness at Capital Craft Beer Festival

[interview] Fokof Lager - Ready for a weekend of madness at Capital Craft Beer Festival

FOKOF LAGER has established itself as much more than a premium lager owned by South Africa’s leading rock band, FOKOFPOLISIEKAR.  Their ongoing fun incentives keep fans thirsty for more, but they give back by supporting other artists and the venues that has Fokof Lager on tap. Catch them this weekend at Capital Craft Beer Festival, we caught up with them for a short chat…

Interview: FOKOF LAGER

[interview] Fokof Lager - Ready for a weekend of madness at Capital Craft Beer Festival

  • Hello Guys, it’s a pleasure to be chatting to you. Everyone doing well?


  • Would you mind giving us a quick introduction to Fokof Lager, tell us where in SA are you from and how the brewery got started?

Fokof Lager is owned and managed by Fokofpolisiekar – an Afrikaans punk rock band started in Bellville in 2003. We initially entered the craft beer industry when a friend of ours, Dawid Fourie (RAM-Fest organiser) bought shares in a small craft brewery called Sir Thomas Brewery and asked us if we would be interested in having a limited edition series of beers. So back in December of 2014 we launched our first beer, a Blonde Ale called Dagdronk. Over course of that year we released 3 more beer variants, named after song titles. This endeavour proved to be quite successful but it had it’s limitations in terms of cost competitiveness and production capacity – the demand was big enough that we managed to sell all of our stock through our website but we couldn’t sell to intermediaries as our cost price was simply too high. We needed increase our capacity and we also felt that we needed to move past bottle conditioned ales and do a nice session beer that we can put on tap. The new endeavour started when Snake, Fokofpolisiekar drummer, had some time off from his duties with his other band, aKING. He decided to research the industry and speak to as many brewers, distributors and industry players as possible to check the feasibility of stand-alone lager brand to be called Fokof Lager. After weighing up all the options, Fokofpolisiekar decided to go into a contract brewing agreement with Devils’ Peak Brewery at the end of 2015 and we have been very happy with our decision ever since.

[interview] Fokof Lager - Ready for a weekend of madness at Capital Craft Beer Festival

  • How many years has Fokof Lager been around for? 

We’re in year 3 now as Fokof Lager.

  • What are the beers that you offer at your brewery?

Devils Peak have many beers at their Brewery! Hahah! But we only offer the lager for now. We are however doing a limited edition Snakebite (beer cocktail) called Snakehead for the Capital Craft Beer Fest.

  • What have been some of the major challenges for your brewery over the years?

We have had relatively smooth growth over the last 3years and feel very happy with the team we work with. I think the challenges are the same for any brewery – getting your product to as many people, at the right time and at the right price is always the goal. We do seem to have a problem with people stealing our point of sale merchandise like umbrellas, gazebos and glassware but we see this a compliment than a nuisance!

  • Micro-Breweries and locally made beer is fast becoming in demand and highly attractive. How have you seen the change in mind-set of our local beer drinking South Africans over the past few years? 

We have seen that the craft beer culture has grown quite a bit in terms of both consumers and suppliers and people are definitely interested in trying new and interesting beer.


  • You will have a stand at the Capital Craft Beer Festival this year, are you excited for the festival? 

Yes and Fuuuuck yea! It’s our favourite beer related date of the year. We have been there since the first year of Fokof Lager and wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  • Let’s make a prediction… which of your beers would be the best seller on the day? 

Hmmmm.. we would say Fokof Lager! Hahaha

  • Thank you for your time.

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