[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Debut Album I’M ALRIGHT

[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Debut Album I’M ALRIGHT

A year and a half in the making and many late nights, good and bad songs later, EASY FREAK has finally released their much anticipated debut album, I’M ALRIGHT, out today.

EASY FREAK, consisting of Dom Hurd and Jude Kenrick, has recorded and produced I’M ALRIGHT independently. Recorded at their home studio overlooking the beautiful eThekwini, both Dom and Jude shared the processes of writing and producing of the album, with Dom also taking on the mixing of the tracks.

“We see music as a pure form of expression. When we experience life, our reaction to that is through our music. For us to express ourselves so openly and with such vulnerability, and for people to welcome us with so much enthusiasm; that’s been really heartwarming. That inspires us to keep writing.”

The biggest theme throughout the album is love; love and loss – an universal theme not only experienced by the duo, but also mankind in general. The theme of God is also a recurring one; finding comfort in religion throughout tough times of love and loss is also something EASY FREAK writes about.

EASY FREAK decided on the title I’M ALRIGHT because it has a few layers to its meaning: “It speaks of the masks we put on in life, about the questions and doubts that pop up, and about how life doesn’t always make sense. But through all of that we seem to come out on top; we find peace in not always knowing, in asking questions, and in not always having it together. Nobody’s perfect, but we’re alright.”

I’M ALRIGHT not only features the signature elements of funky groove, future sounds, heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies and emotion ever present in EASY FREAK’s music, but also includes some slower, more sensitive tracks very different from their previous singles. Filled with emotion and feeling, they wanted the tracks to evoke deeper thoughts or make people reminisce on other times.

The album also features a number of collaborations with the likes of Raheem Kemet (heard on their previous single ‘Moves On You’), Durban rapper ByLwansta, Red Robyn, Jaedon Daniel, and Kaien Cruz, a member of WolfpackX (Sketchy Bongo/Aewon Wolf).

[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Debut Album I’M ALRIGHT


  1.     I’m Alright
  2.     Without me
  3.     Brother
  4.     Gotta Be You
  5.     Bitter Taste (feat. Kaien Cruz)
  6.     Moves on You (feat. Raheem Kemet)
  7.     No Other Love (feat. ByLwansta)
  8.     Other Side (feat. Red Robyn & Jaedon Daniel)
  9.     Captivated
  10.     Only One
  11.     Let Go
  12.     Pills and Drinks

“We enjoy the music that we make and we hope that people feel that too when they listen to the album. We’re definitely excited to have a full body of music out there and we’re very proud of ‘I’m Alright’; we can’t wait to hear what people think of it.”

Buy / Stream I’M ALRIGHT here on iTunes!

Biography: EASY FREAK
[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Debut Album I’M ALRIGHT

EASY FREAK is a new electronic duo based in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, consisting of Dominic Hurd and Jude Kenrick. Their sound is hard to pin down, as it’s an eclectic mix of Pop/ Electro/Funk/Soul and other sounds combined, but one thing’s for sure, they’ll get you moving.

Both Dominic and Jude have studied music and played in tons of jazz ensemble groups as well as previous bands, when they met each other in the Durban music scene. They played together in a group called Young for around a year. When other members ended up leaving with just the two of them remaining, it culminated in the birth of EASY FREAK. Together, they write and produce all music for EASY FREAK.

They have shared the stage with the likes of Wolfpack, Sketchy Bongo, Veranda Panda, Gangs of Ballet, Majozi and Matthew Mole and have got crowds going with their infectious sound.

Their debut single and music video for ‘So Lonely’ stormed the charts on radio nationwide as well as receiving extensive play on Trace TV and MTV Africa. They released their second single and music video for ‘Gotta Be You’ in October 2016.

With an album release coming in 2017, EASY FREAK are expected to set the South African music scene alight.

Interview: EASY FREAK

[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Debut Album I’M ALRIGHT

Hi guys, hope you all doing well? Awesome to be chatting to you again…

Before we get started, incase people didnt get to see our first interview late last year.. please would you introduce us to the members of the band and give us a short 101 on how you got started in music?

For sure! Easy Freak is a duo made up of Dom Hurd and Jude Kenrick. Both Dom and Jude started their musical journeys at a young age; playing at church, playing in small bands growing up. We started an indie-rock band and that slowly faded away when two band members had to leave; but we decided to keep making music, and so Easy Freak began haha.

Who plays what part in the band?

Dom is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and he does all the mixing for Easy Freak. Jude is the drummer, vocalist, and predominant song writer,though the writing and producing process is collective effort.

Can you give us a background on the band name, EASY FREAK?

Haha, we often get asked this question and we wish that we had a deeper answer to give you guys; but there isn’t really any background to the name. Dom’s brother, Jonty Hurd, is an incredible designer (does all the Easy Freak artwork) and music producer and he came up with the name, he thought that it suited us better, we liked it, and so it stuck with us haha.

You are about to release your debut album, called I’M ALRIGHT… What can we expect from this album? Are their any notable collaborations on the EP?

The album is something we’re really proud of. It’s got the signature Easy Freak groove and catchy melodies. We’ve also included a few tracks that show our more sensitive side, tracks that are a bit more gentle. We had he pleasure of collaborating with some incredible Durban artists: Raheem Kemet, ByLwansta, Kaien Cruz, Red Robyn and Jaedon Daniel. They all brought their unique sound and flavor to our home studio, and hopefully people dig those tracks as much as we do.

Where would we be able to get a listen to the new EP?

Fans can listen to the album on all major digital platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play etc.

Anything else that you currently working on, that we might be interested in hearing about?

We’ll be around the country over the next few months promoting he album. We’ve got some very cool shows coming up such as Oppikoppi, and a few trips to Jozi and CT in the near future. People can keep up to date with us on social media!

Where do we follow you on social media?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EasyFreakMusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/EasyFreakMusic
Youtube: www.youtube.com/EasyFreakMusic

Thanks for your time.

EASY FREAK Release New Single: CAP2VATED

[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Debut Album I’M ALRIGHT

Today sees the official release of a brand new single by EASY FREAK, entitled CAP2VATED. The single is the latest offering from their debut album I’M ALRIGHT, released in July 2017.

The lyrics for the single were written in late 2016 when the duo was prepping songs for the album. Jude wrote the track in one of the practice rooms of the music department where he studied and it was released as one of the slower tracks off the album. After receiving great feedback on the song from fans, they decided to remix it and release it as single.

“Many of our fans really connected with the original version of the track on our debut album, so we thought it was fitting to give it a new energy. We feel that Cap2vated still captures the feeling and emotion of the original track, but now our fans can really get down to it as well.” says Jude.

With their sound always evolving as they grow and learn about music, EASY FREAK describes the single as a dynamic track with deep lyrics based on a relationship with God. With their signature crossover genre and groovy beats, the song will appeal to anyone who enjoys dancing or having a good time as well as to listeners who like to focus on lyrics.

“We couldn’t be happier with Cap2vated as our latest offering! The first time we performed it was at Oppikoppi 2017 and the energy that the song brought was so tangible on stage and in the crowd. We also worked so hard on getting the track sounding as big as possible; Dom put many hours into the mixing and mastering and we’re pretty stoked with it.”

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