[interview] Deamhorth – Halloween 2018

[interview] Deamhorth - Halloween 2018

Band Bio:
DeamHorth are a South African band from Johannesburg. We are a 2 member piece instrumental progressive metal band, with the intention to grow the band to a fully fledged performance group. DeamHorth was founded early in 2017 with the intention of both Dean Barreto and Greg Coles to create a platform where they would be able to express and showcase their passion for music, allowing them to share it with the world and welcome anyone that would want to collaborate or join them in this journey into music. We perform a wide range of metal genres from covers, rearrangements to original piece’s and we’re wanting to reach out to all artist and bands around the world to perform or collaborate with us.

Some Of Our Goals: 

We want to be as free creatively as possible, so this means we perform covers, rearrangements to original piece’s, demonstrating our love and passion for the art of music. And to represent South African metal all around the world with the highest level of quality and professionalism possible.

Some Of Our Influences: 

Plini, Modern Day Babylon, Berried Alive, I Built The Sky, Intervals, Jason Richardson, Luke Holland, Lamb of God, Scar Symmetry, After the Burial, Dream Theatre, Meshuggah, Pomegranate Tiger, Monuments, Vitalism, Shokran…


As a new band we’ve played opening launch parties for organisations across SA, hosted our own professional shows and album launches in theatre’s and we’v had an amazing Cape Town experience while busy touring our latest album ‘Spiritual Serpent’ with the legendary SA instrumental band ‘Oh God’.
[interview] Deamhorth - Halloween 2018
Local Scene Thoughts: 
We feel that the local scene has been growing, but it needs more focus, structure and support from external sources such as companies and venues to help grow the individual genre’s of music in SA. In certain circumstances or events the hosts are amazingly supported including the performances, but there are alot of venues, bands and organisers that don’t cater for specific audiences or performances, we do understand that the ‘calling’ or ‘scene’ doesn’t bring much money in order for venues and organisers to host these events, but if this continues there will be alot of bands and venues that will either have to break away into the international side and move on or give up completely because of the lack of opportunity within the industry. We are trying to help collaborate around the world to bring in more financial support and to help grow the music scene in SA where it’ll be able to cater and support all types of music and entertainment, giving us more opportunity and reasoning to invest in South Africa.

Special Mention: 

We just wanna give a massive shoutout to ‘Vulvodynia’ and ‘Boargazm’ for being such powerful role models in the SA industry. Demonstrating their skill and perseverance in the music scene all around the world and in their music. They have shown the world and the local scene that it can be done and we do have the skills, knowledge and material the world needs and wants.

Playing The Show: 

We are so excited and proud to be sharing the stage with some of the best acts in SA and we couldn’t have thought of a better festival, stage and branding to be under while doing so. We’v always been such big fans and supporters of ‘RamFest’ and when we saw it coming back, we knew that we needed to be on the bill to help push, advertise and bring back the legendary ‘RamFest’ that brings local and international bands together!
[competition] RAM & GRIET Presents: HALLOWEEN 2018
What To Expect From The Show: 
We have a very high and unique production to our show. A full lighting and sound crew, projectors for visuals and backing tracks for the best audio quality possible. For night and in house shows we have synced visuals to the audio projecting on stage while we perform, to enhance the visual aspect and to accent specific sections for crowd interaction and mezmorising moments to be remembered long after the show. And for live day shows we clear the stage, place DeamHorth props in allocated areas to allow for maximum energy, crowd interaction and advertising. We’ll be handing out exclusive DeamHorth merch while on stage and will have a full merch menu/stand for all memorabilia. We take our live performances to new levels and want each show to be specifically designed and structured to the theme, style and audience we’ll be playing to. For this Festival in particular, we have themed our entire show in a more dark/Halloween structure, to really capture the audience and fellow bands into the festivals atmosphere and vibe.

New Projects We Are Working On:

We are currently working on our new single track for release at the end of this year with a very special international feature involved with it all that we’re all super excited to announce soon. We are also busy lining up some amazing shows all around SA, to not giveaway to much info but we’ll be heading to Botswana for an amazing show with SA metal legends ‘Bleeding Spawn’ straight after ‘RamFest’.

Some Of Our Online Site Links:

Hear Now (Gate Site): https://deamhorth.hearnow.com/
SoundCloud: Listen to Spiritual Serpent Full Album by DeamHorth #np on #SoundCloud

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