[interview] Craig Lucas – The Voice Winner releases single called I SAID THIS

Craig Lucas_Credit: Daniel Craig Johnson Photography

I SAID THIS is the first single from Craig Lucas, the Capetonian singer who went on to win season 2 of The Voice South Africa.

The single is released two weeks after the Elsies River native took the title. Craig stole the hearts of his fans with his deeply emotive soul and wide vocal range.

Craig’s humble personality and powerful stage show with vocal delivery earned the votes of millions of viewers.

This self-taught musician and producer describes his musical style as “alternative pop” and strives to make music that speaks to everybody – especially kids like him – the misfits, the outsiders, the dreamers and the non-conformists.

“I am so grateful to everyone who supported me on The Voice South Africa by voting and constantly sending messages of support and fighting for me. I feel an overwhelming responsibility to pay them back and the best way I can do that is by making music for them; this song if for them. The lyrics speak about it being “our song” and that’s what I wanted it to be. It is a feel-good song and it perfectly encapsulates how I’ve felt since winning. I wanted to share the good vibes with everyone else,” said Craig Lucas.

The song was written by Jethro Tait, member of the band FOUR, almost five years ago but was given new life when Craig picked it up. The song was recorded at Openroom studios and produced by Peach van Pletzen.

Interview: Craig Lucas

Craig Lucas_Credit: Daniel Craig Johnson Photography

  • Hi Craig… it is such a pleasure to be featuring you guys on the site!! How you doing? 

I am great! I am back home in Cape Town, really happy to be with my family and friends again.

  • Before we get started, can you please give us a quick 101 on who Craig Lucas the musician is? How/Where did music become such a big part of your life?

I was (and am) very shy. As a kid I struggled to make friends, I couldn’t speak to other kids. I wasn’t very good at expressing my emotions. I was deeply introverted and spent a lot of time alone. Music was the one thing I could turn to to make me feel normal. It made me feel better, it allowed me to express how I was feeling and it didn’t expect much from me – I didn’t have to interact or be a certain way around it, I could just BE. Singing to myself in my room was the only way I was able to express what I was feeling and that just sort of carried through up until now.

  • What are your musical inspirations?

I am inspired by anyone and anything that is different from the norm. Musician who push boundaries and are not afraid to be different. Growing up I enjoyed artists such as freddy mercury and evanescence. Some of my favorite current artists include Lorde, Kanye West, Florence and the Machine among others.

  • You took part in The Voice competition and ended up take the prize. This must have been an incredible experience for you? 

It was incredible. And also extremely terrifying. I had not done any music prior to the voice, had never performed to an audience like that, so everything was new to me. Every day I had atleast one WTF moment. I learned so much.

  • What were some of your most memorable moments of the whole show?  

Among the most memorable moments are the evenings all of us who spend sitting around the pool singing and jamming. I made some amazing friends on the show. Also getting to bring my mom to every show was amazing – looking down and seeing her in the front row.

Craig Lucas_Credit: Daniel Craig Johnson Photography

  • You have recently released your first single, I SAID THIS, which comes off the back of your victory in The Voice. How has the response been for the single?

The response has been amazing. The song has done really well – hitting the top 10 on a number of stations (and even number 1 on some). It plays in bars, gym, shopping centres. People appreciate the track for its message and feel-good vibe, which is exactly what I tried to bring across.

  • Where do you take inspiration from in your “sound”?

A number of current artists. I love pop music – you can take the genre in almost any direction. I listen to a number of pop artists and whilst all of them are pop, they all sound so different to eachother. We let the songs we wrote guide us as to the direction the music would take sonically. I tend to listen to darker more alternative music, and this has found its way into a number a tracks, even the more uptempo stuff.

  • Are there any notable collaborations on the track that that you wish to mention?

I got to work with incredible producers and writers who helped me shape and fulfil my vision for the album – Peach van PLetzen, Ewald Janse van Resnburg and Bubele Booi & David Balshaw produced the album, whilst I co-wrote a number of the tracks with Jethro Tait, Dominic Neill and Bubele Booi & David Balshaw.

  • What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently? 

The SA scene is in the best space its ever been. Record labels are investing in their artists which is allowing them to create music of a very high standard. SA music has also taken on an identity of its own and our artists are pushing the boundaries and creating amazing, orginal sounding music. We are no longer trying to sound like American artists. SA artists are also in an amazing space where collaborations are encouraged – we are helping eachother out where ever we can. I am very excited about the current SA music landscape.

  • Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

YES! I am so inspired Shekhinah, Jimmy Nevis, AKA, Timo ODV just to name a few all because they are boundary pushers – nobody in SA sounds like them. They are not afraid to stand out and it is very inspiring to see.

  • Anything that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

I am taking the album on tour, starting with Cape Town this December – so look out for a venue closest to you!

  • Where can we follow you on Social media?

FB: Craig Lucas
Insta: @craigdlucas
Twitter: @craigycracks

Photo Credit: Daniel Craig Johnson Photography

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