[interview] Chico Muya – Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival

[interview] Chico Muya - Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival

Chico Muya is a Durban based singer-songwriter who is described most often by the warmth of his smile… and a mouthful of extremely white teeth.

Chico embodies the laid back, warm and uniquely easy-going flavour that the city of Durban has to offer. His songs are catchy, melodic and warm, and his personality shines through each one of them. His sound is an exciting mix of acoustic folk and pop that is guaranteed to get your feet tapping, and your heart smiling.

Last year Chico released his first single called ‘Two Roads’. The song made it onto East Coast Radio, where it was incredibly well received by the KZN audience.

Having recently teamed up with bassist Spencer-Rae Kerr at the beginning of 2016, ‘Chico Muya’ no longer represents just Chico himself, but the two artists together.  The duo have been creating quite a stir in Durban, most notably when they opened for the Parlotones at the Durban Botanical Gardens.

An EP has been in the works for the last 6/7 months and will be ready for release in August / September 2016. Having partnered with an amazing producer, who understands their unique style, the excitement for the release of the EP is steadily rising.

The duo have performed at many venues and festivals around KZN, including Splashy Fen, Smoking Dragon, White Mountain, Zakifo and the Ballito Pro. They have also been booked for Afriski Winter festival 2016 (in Lesotho). They’ve shared the stage with some of South Africa’s most well known bands, including: Jeremy Loops, Gangs of Ballet, Monark, the Parlotones, Josh Wantie, December Streets, Desmond and the Tutu’s and Shortstraw.

‘Chico Muya’ are a duo with raw talent and electric personality, that are taking South Africa by storm!

Singer / Songwriter, Chico Muya, will be performing at this years Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival over this weekend. We had a short chat with this talented musician, this is what he had to say:

Interview: Chico Muya

[interview] Chico Muya - Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival

MA: Hey dude, how you doing? It’s such a pleasure to be featuring you on the site!!

Hey! I’m good thank you! Thanks for having me here!

MA: Before we get started, can you please introduce us to Chico Muya and tell us where in SA you come from?

Yeah, awesome. So just so you know, “Chico Muya” isn’t just my stage name. It’s my actual name. I’ve been performing around the country for the last 3 years, or so. It’s been such an incredible journey. I either play on my own, or I get friends to join me on the bass, drums and the saxophone- occasionally. Spencer is my official bassist, but he’s still living in KZN at the moment.

I grew up in Durban. I’ve actually, only recently, moved to Cape Town. It’s super different, but I love it!

MA: How did music become such a big part of your life?

My older brothers are incredibly talented- musically. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by music, so it was only natural that I would pick up the guitar, at some point. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I decided that I would take the musical road.

MA: Who/What were you inspiration growing up?

Ed Sheeran has played a massive part in my music career… not that he knows, but still!

A few years ago, I watched a live concert of his (on tv), and it was simply just him on the guitar, in front of a stadium full of people. He completely captured them. I was thoroughly inspired! I’ve been constantly inspired since.

MA: How would you describe you ‘sound’ in 5 words?

Happy, uplifting, romantic, folk pop

MA: What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently? 

Our music scene is still growing. Having said that, I believe that we have some of the most talented people in the world. I mean, you have people like Black Coffee, Jeremy Loops and Nasty C, who are absolutely killing it internationally! I also believe that the artists here need to start working together a whole lot more. The music scene can feel a touch too “clicky” at times. I have big hopes for the South African music scene! We just need to look out for one another a bit more.

MA: Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

Well, I just want to give a shout out to Majozi! He’s rocking it! I’ve got mad respect for Jeremy Loops, the Kiffness and Tresor. Brynn and Hezron Chetty are also making some waves in the scene.


MA: You are playing at the Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival this year… Are you excited for the event? What can we expect from you?

Yeah, I’m super pumped for the Beer Festival! The fact that I’m in love with beer has absolutely nothing to do with it… I’m sure.

You guys can expect a fiery show, from me! I love getting the crowd involved wherever I can. I really dig those spontaneous moments that take place on stage… the ones you can’t plan for. So yeah, It’s going to be a rocking time!

MA: Anything that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

I’m currently working on the music video of my latest single called; What Love Is.

It’s going to be the second music video I’ve ever done, so I’m crazy excited for this one! Keep an eye on my page. We should have it done in about a month or so.

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?

I’m glad you asked!

Instagram: @chico_muya
Twitter: @chico_ray
You could also just google: “Chico Muya”. I’m the only one on the planet right now, so yeah, boom!

MA: Thanks for your time guys…!!

Thank you so much! This was fun!

*** Photo Credits: Jed Kenny

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