[Interview] Catch PLUSH at Park Acoustics this weekend

Seth_Zworestine_Plush_Park Acoustics_Mixed Apples interviewPLUSH is a band who now live in  Cape Town, that have been around for a very long time. They get their inspiration from bands like Collective soul, U2, Live, Crowded House, Incubus and more. They will be in Pretoria over the weekend, where you can catch them playing LIVE at Park Acoustics, the best “mini-festival” that goes down monthly in our Capital. We caught up with the gents ahead of their gig, this is what they had to say:


Seth_Zworestine_Plush_Park Acoustics_Mixed Apples interview

MA: Hey gents, how you doing? Its awesome to be chatting to you guys!!

Hi There!!!!

MA: Before we get started, do you mind introducing yourself to us and giving us a short 101 on who PLUSH is and how you started out in music?

We like to label ourselves ‘eternal rock’, the kind that lives on through the times with meaningful and often uplifting lyrics, doused
with moments of humour and playfulness, strong melodies and a mission to just have fun and create friendships. Rory and Chas were the beginnings of Plush, originating in Natal and moving to Joburg, and subsequently Cape Town. In 2005 Chas tragically passed away, and after a couple of years the band was reformed and went on to record further albums and carry on touring.

MA: Do you mind introducing us to the band and telling us where you guys met each other?

Emelio is on the bass, Devin on drums, Rory on vocals and rhythm guitars, and myself Carl on lead guitars. I met Rory and Chas around 2004 when I was in another SA band jacSharp. The bands became quite intertwined and we would tour together and share members between the bands. This is where I met Emelio. Devin had actually auditioned as drummer years back but the timing was not right at that point for the band. Its wonderful that he is now with us to see it to the end.

MA: What would you say have been some inspirations to your music? Are you guys always looking for new inspirations and ways of evolving as a band?

Well obviously our evolution has now reached a point where it will no longer be as the band we all know. This does not mean inspiration and music will stop. Who knows what comes next? Inspirations of past have mostly been the classics – Petty, Stones, Springsteen, Dylan, with a dose of classic 90’s and naughties rock like Third Eye Blind, Crowded House, Incubus and a thousand more.

Plush_Park Acoustics_Mixed Apples interview

MA: What have been some of the challenges of being in a band?

A band is a wonderful mix between a business and a family. This leads to a lot of challenges as everything is very personal, and this can get in the way of the fundamentals of business sometimes. I think trying to find what your true sound and atmosphere is, the x-factor that your band has, and sticking to that as your core is harder than you may believe and its easy to get distracted from it. Also, especially in these times where peoples ears are assaulted with so much music from all angles, you must pour your heart and soul in to making yourselves rise to the top and still be a band that is spread by the word of mouth of a passionate fan.

MA:The local music scene has been growing in leaps over the last few years, what has you most excited about how things are progressing in SA?

The quality of music is just fantastic! We really get the sense that the country is more relevant than ever, and with the likes of Oppi and Ramfest bringing top internationals acts out, it only lifts the countries standards and exposes the young bands to high levels to which they must reach. I believe that local music will become more and more supported and we are heading to become a territory, like Australia, where you feel proud to be a musician and are not just trying to leave to ‘make it overseas.’

MA: Can you give us a few career highlights so far? (Answered by Rory

Playing Splashy Fen main stage for the first time was awesome. Having come out of Natal, Splashy was our first goal and I’ll never forget just before going up at 8pm on the Friday evening, we were sitting in the car listening to 5fm to find out if our song had reached the No.1 spot on the high 5 at 5… it had and that made the show all that more memorable.

Another highlight was going to the UK to launch our 3rd album at the Islington Academy in London. 600 people had booked to come see us and we had pulled out all the stops. Problem was that our manager Brandon, Ben our drummer and I, Rory, had come through a couple days earlier to set up and Carl and Emelio were going to arrive the day before the show. Carl and Emelio were extremely late and we became concerned about their whereabouts, our concerns were confirmed in a phone call from Carl. They had been stopped at customs and ordered home as the official became aware of the planned gig and incorrect paper work. We had tourist visas rather than working visas… this meant that Ben and I had to do the show ‘White Stripes’ style and risk being arrested. The show must go on and the crowd got behind us in a big way. It makes for a good story these days…

Park Acoustics in association with Jack Daniels presents Albert Frost, Guy Buttery & Nibs van der Spuy, RKO & more

MA: You will be performing at Park Acoustics this month, are you excited about this? What can we expect from your performance?

We’ve been so blessed to have performed at Kirstenbosch 5 times over the years and each experience was amazing. Park Acoustics is kinda like the Highveld equivalent and we’ve been desperate to be a part of it, so our excitement levels are off the charts. You can expect a power set, 45 minutes of PLUSH’s best, performed like it’ll be the
last thing we ever do! Our final show in Pretoria.

MA:  Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

Nothing in particular yet. But I will never stop writing and performing so you can definitely expect to hear my songs in the future and I’m certain if you follow all the individual members you’ll see them doing cool things in the near future.

MA: Where can we follow you on social media?


MA: Lastly, if you could colab with any musician, dead or alive, who
would that be?

Personally I would love to colab with Bob Marley… that dude was epic!

MA:  Thank you so much for your time…

Thank you and the biggest thanks goes to our fans. You’ve given us a home for so many years and we are so proud to have been given the opportunity! We love you big time! xxx

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Seth Zworestine


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