[interview] Brauhaus am Damm – Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

[interview] Brauhaus Brewery - Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

[interview] Brauhaus Brewery - Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

The name BRAUHAUS indicates a brewing operation of proud German tradition, while AM DAMM points to its location in close to Olifantsnek Dam.

Takes bookings, Walk-ins welcome, Good for groups or parties, Good for children, Catering, Table service & Outdoor seating.

Serves lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks.

BRAUHAUS are one of the breweries to be showcasing as the Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018, taking place in Pretoria on the 16th June. We got hold of them for a quick chat, this is what they had to say:

Interview – BRAUHAUS

[interview] Brauhaus Brewery - Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018
  • Hello Guys, it’s a pleasure to be chatting to you. Everyone doing well? 

Wintery but well!

  • Would you mind giving us a quick introduction to Brauhaus, tell us where in SA are you from and how the brewery got started?

Brauhaus am Damm is situated in the North West Province just outside of Rustenburg. The Brewery and Restaurant is alongside the Olifantsnek dam overlooking the dam and the magnificent Magalies mountain. The state of the art SALM Brewery (made in Vienna) was trans located from Natal – Farmers Bräuhaus in Hattingspruit.  Brauhaus am Damm opened its doors in November 2011.

  • How many years has Brauhaus been around for? 

We have been around for 6 1/2 years. When we started out there were about 40 Micro Breweries in SA now we crafters are more than 200.

  • What are the beers that you offer at your brewery?

We specialize in German Style beers.
We have 4 standard beers: Farmers Draght – Münchner Helles – light lager

Brauhaus Dunkel: Münchner Dunkel – dark lager
Brauhaus Märzen: Oktoberfest style beer
Brauhaus Weizen: German Weissbier
and from time to time I brew a speciality beer

[interview] Brauhaus Brewery - Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

  • What have been some of the major challenges for your brewery over the years?

Rustenburg in being a mining town has taken a knock with the Platinum price dropping severely therefor we struggle to get enough feet through the doors in the week!

  • Micro-Breweries and locally made beer is fast becoming in demand and highly attractive. How have you seen the change in mind-set of our local beer drinking South Africans over the past few years? 

The beer drinkers are slowly evolving from solely pale lager drinkers to connoisseurs who like to experiment with new flavors and styles. A lot more educating still needs to be done though!

  • You will have a stand at the Capital Craft Beer Festival this year, are you excited for the festival? 

We are looking forward to the festival and hope to serve our loyal customers and make lots of new friends around our award winning beers!


  • Let’s make a prediction… which of your beers would be the best seller on the day? 

My Farmers Draught is always a crowd pleaser but Brauhaus Weizen (my award winning German Weissbier) might steal the show!

  • Thank you for your time.

[interview] Brauhaus Brewery - Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

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