[interview] BRAD S chats to us ahead of Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE – Sat 9th July

Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE presents: Brad S

With the 3rd Trio Nova productions event around the corner, we decided to sit down with the talented Joburg DJ, Bard S, getting to know the man behind the decks. Brad S is a name that many will know and who many have danced to, but lets find out a bit more about the gent…. This is what he had to say:


Interview: BRAD S

MA: Hey Brad… Its really rad to be chatting to you. You well??

BRAD: Doing great man, thanks for having me

MA: Before we get started, can you please give us a short background on how you got interested in being a DJ?

BRAD S: When i was a kid, my dad was quite involved at our school, and used to provide music at all the school functions, concerts and disco’s. Even back then, I used go up to the mobile DJ at any party we went to and bugged them with questions about music, speakers and all that. Fast forward to 1994 and a friend of mine, a DJ in some of the clubs in our area, bought a pair of Technics decks and we learnt how to mix records. It was only when I went to my first jol, a rave at the end of 96, that I saw the role of the DJ in the club scene. The obsession had begun..  Many clubs in both SA and in the US and UK, have inspired the kind of collector and DJ I have become today.

MA: Where in SA are you from?

BRAD S: Born and raised in the East Rand suburbs of Johannesburg.

MA: Besides being a DJ, do you also do any work in production?

BRAD S: I’ve dabbled here and there, but haven’t really taken production seriously. DJing has always been a bigger priority for me. I have on occasion edited some tracks for use in my DJ sets. Changing bits I didn’t like to improve their impact on the dance-floor, but since playing on Traktor all of that can be done on the fly.

MA: What are your influences and inspirations in your music?

BRAD S: When I was kid, my dad always used to keep great music playing at home. All kinds from George Benson to Bob Marley, and all kinds of dodgy 80s pop. When I started learning about mixing I was especially keen on house labels like Strictly Rhythm, artists like Murk, Armand Van Helden, Danny Tenaglia. Over the years, inspiration came from all the places I visited, people that I met and projects that I got involved in. I think its important for artists to open their minds to scenes they might know nothing about. With such easy access to music today, creating something truly unique is what will set great artists apart from the rest.

MA: What is your thoughts of our local electronic music scene?

BRAD S: I think our local scene bigger and more diverse than ever before, and our best artists are up there with the best in the world. South Africa has a vibe and a culture that is beautifully unique, and I like to see artist that showcase and represent what we are.

MA: Is there anything you wish to see differently in the scene? 

BRAD S: People moan a lot these days about how things have changed, everyone’s a DJ blah blah blah..  Truth is, the scene is and will always be in a constant state of change. It will shrink and grow, and trends will come and go. People spend a lot of time and energy debating these things, getting pretty stressed out over politics. Quite simply, we just need to collect amazing music, put on great shows and support great projects/artists.

MA: Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

BRAD S: One artist that I have all the time in world for is Leeu (Alex Coetzee) raw talent, great guy. If you haven’t bought any of his tracks, get on it! Also have to mention a few great labels that push local better than most: Deep Stiched and Just Move Records. Recent upstarts Kalushi Records and Chocolat records also have a clear vision of only releasing top quality music.

MA: You will be playing at Trio Nova for the first time on the 9th July… Are you excited for this event? What can we expect from your set?

BRAD S: Excited is an understatement.. hahaha.. What goes down depends on the mood in the room, and i’m told the crowd likes it deep and fresh.

Also really happy to playing alongside deep maestro and longtime friend Thulani. Cant wait!

MA: Anything else that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

BRAD S: While i spend more family time at home this year, I’ve been putting together some fresh ideas we’d like to experiment with after the winter. Its all top secret for now so you’ll just have to wait and see.

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?

@bradsartor on Twitter

MA: Thanks for your time guys…!!

Trio Nova presents: WINTER SOLACE
DATE: Saturday 9th July
VENUE: Capello’s Cheire lane, Pretoria
TIME: 19:00-04:00
PRICE: R100 pre-sale at Soviet Denim stores (Menlyn Shopping centre, Centurion Mall & Mall of Africa) // R150 door sales // LIMITED to 400 people ONLY


19:00-21:00 // NU CULTURE
21:00-22:00 // RoLo
22:00-23:00 // DEEP SUITE
23:00-00:00 // BRAD S
00:00- 01:00 // 2LANI THE WARRIOR
01:00-02:00 // CODY BLANC
02:00-04:00 // TINOS’ & SISCO UMLAMBO (Back 2 Back)

Soviet Denim / Sennheiser SA / Red Bull Studio / Mixed Apples / HYBRID+

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Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE presents: Nu Culture Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE presents: RoLo Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE presents: Deep Suite Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE presents: Brad S Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE presents: 2lani The Warrior Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE presents: Cody Blanc Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE presents: Tinos' Trio Nova WINTER SOLACE presents: Sisco Umlambo

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