[interview] BITTEREINDER: Chatting MieliePop Festival, 2016 & Dans Tot Die Dood album.


In the past few years, there have been quite a few artists breaking out onto the scene with what seems to be a golden touch and unique sound, yet, in my opinion, Bittereinder have been the cream of this crop. From their studio recordings to their epic…… EPIC live shows these guys have captured hearts both locally and abroad. If you have ever been to one of SA’s prime festivals, you have probably been blown by these guys before, their mix of heavy basslines, funky beats and some of the smoothest and intelligent lyrical compositions is what the band the band is all about. They released their brand new album titled “Dans Tot Die Dood” late last year, which has gotten some great attention and feedback. They will also be Headlining MieliePop Festival this weekend, which is going to be pure awesomeness. Here is a short chat we had with the guys:


MA: Hi gents, its really nice to chat to you again, how are you doing?

Very very well thanks, exciting times! So many projects and ideas on the go…

MA: For those that don’t know you well, would you please start off with a short background on who BITTEREINDER are, where do you come from and how you came together to form the band?

We’re three high school friends who grew up in Pretoria together, and formed an Afrikaans electro-rap band in 2009. We try to place equal emphasis on music, lyrics and visuals in our work. We’ve released three albums (before this new one), won a bunch of awards, toured all over the place, and really enjoyed sharing our art with people who’ve (thankfully) been quite amped about it…

MA: Do you mind introducing to us the members?

Jaco writes the lyrics and raps them, Louis makes beats and all our visuals (from flyers to videos to websites) and Peach makes beats and mixes all our work. All three of us enjoy singing too. Dis die Jakkals, die Leeu en die Perske.

MA: It has been a great few years for BITTEREINDER…. any highlights that stand out?

Playing the Lowlands festival in Netherlands, all four Oppikoppi sets, our first show ever at Hotbox in 2011, touring together in Namibia, Mozambique, Germany, Netherlands and all over South Africa, all the memories eventually blur into this magical part of our collective lives. It’s been amazing.


MA: How has 2016 started off for BITTEREINDER??

Pretty chilled as a band, but we’re all working hard on the various projects we’re involved in. We had one of the best gigs in a very long time at Arcade Empire with our friends Desmond & the Tutus and Yo Grapes in January, so that was a really encouraging start to the new year of live shows…

MA: Has your ‘sound’ changed at all over the last few years?

We always try to innovate and try new stuff, so yes. This new album has a lot more drums and analog synths, all of the songs are going to work well as part of the live set. I guess the listener should answer this question more than we can, though. But we’d like to believe there’s something like progression in our sound, while retaining the best parts from project to project.

MA: What are your thoughts on our local music scene currently? Anything you think that can improve?

There’s always room for improvement, and this question is a lot more complex than it seems. But the exciting thing is how much awesome music is currently being made and released by South African artists, it’s an amazing era.


MA: How has the response and support been thus far for your album, DANS TOT DIE DOOD, been??

We’re thrilled about how many people are already singing along to the new songs, and the press has been pretty excited too. We’re planning to release the second video from the album early this year, so for us it’s also still fresh and new, love playing the new songs live.

MA: Anything that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about? 

Jaco is starting a record label called Wêreld Records, Louis and Jaco worked together on the new Walkie Talkie track which is coming out soon, Louis is also creating some sick new music under the moniker “LT”, and Peach is busy creating some magic new Yesterday’s Pupil tracks. So yes, as always, we’re pretty busy…

The new videos we’re planning are pretty special too, we want to take things up a level or two…

MA: Do you have any rad music videos (we love your videos) to look forward to this year?

Yip. Videos for “Die Berge Brand” and “Great Track” are in the pipeline, and the planning is looking amazing…

[WIN TICKETS] MIELIEPOP FESTIVAL 2016 - 18 - 21 March 2016

MA: You have been booked to play at MIELIEPOP FESTIVAL 2016…. Are you excited about this?? What can we expect from your live performance at the festival?

Yes, we love Mieliepop, a really awesome space and vibe. And there’s some really cool artists on the lineup this year. You can expect PLENTY of bons from us, our new songs get us really fired up about the virtues of being alive…

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?

“Bittereinder” on facebook, @Bittereinder on twitter, @bitterjakkals @tootiredtodisco @louisminnaar on Instagram.

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