[interview] ANN JANGLE playing Park Acoustics – 26th October

[interview] ANN JANGLE playing Park Acoustics - 26th October

Ann Jangle is a singer/songwriter from Cape Town, who will be one of the awesome acts playing at Park Acoustics this weekend. We got chatting to her over an email interview, where we could just feel the excitement that she is feeling for this Sunday. Hope you enjoy it…

  • Hey there Ann, how you doing? Nice to be chatting to you!!

I’m great thanks! No you!

  • Before we get started and for those that know nothing about you, do you mind introducing yourself, telling us where you are from and giving us a short background on how you got started in music?

Sure! I’m Ann Jangle; a Cape Town based musician, in South-Africa, which means I come with a million forced titles i.e. Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Band Manger/Booking Agent/Financial Adviser/Tour organiser/Composer and so on. Other musicians will totally get this.

I started playing music full-time in 2011 after travelling Africa for a few years. I always sang in the shower and around camp fires, like some hippy with a bongo drum but never thought of music as a career move until I met other professional musicians and started joining them on stage. This took a while as I locked myself in the bathroom the first time I had to go on stage.

I was working at a place called “Plaasteater” just outside of Stellenbosch on the Bottelary road, saving money to go to Israel, when these long haired, scruffy bearded (Sooo my type!) characters walked in to organise their gig or something, can’t remember exactly but thanks to lots of Jagermeister, we got a long really well and the rest is history. I started doing some back vocals with Piet Botha & the guys from Akkedis (Those old school dudes from the good ol’days before electro music raped the live music circuit and I still had to sneak out my bedroom window to avoid curfew)

I am a big lover of Dark Art, Human Nature and all kinds of melodies so the inspiration to create was always there.

  • Describe your sound in 5 words please… 

Only 5? Geeze, I thought about this the other day, I don’t know man, it seems to change with my heart and age. I would say: Dark Folk, Eclectic Rock & uhmmm…. Creepy Bounce…..bounce which is creepy, I dunno, but that sounds cool. Wow, wait, that’s more than 5 words. Oh well.


  • Where do you get most of your musical inspiration from?

Most of the time a riff pops into my head while I’m sleeping or breathing, thinking or bathing, pooping or chewing glass or whatever, followed by an emotion or some after math of a crazy event or some issue I’m obsessing over (I tend to get stuck on things like that for a while when I am highly fascinated by it) and then the words just come flowing out. BOOM! a song! Most of the time I let the song rest & then a year later I rip it out and it becomes something amazing. Albums & songs are like babies, you can’t rush it, it grows at its own pace, you’ve got to nurture it & know when to let it sleep.

“– Songs are really simple. You hold them in your hand. I can make one right now and finish it. But because they’re so simple, it’s like bird-watching, you know. You gotta know something about birds or you won’t see anything: just you and your binoculars and a stupid look on your face.” – Tom Waits

  • What are your thoughts of our local music scene at the moment? 

I was going to say something in the lines of: “You gotta suck the right dick to be with the “in-crowd”, the same usual crowd that gets to play at every god damn festival, but I’m a chick so people will take this literally and forget the part of my sentence where I actually bring my point across….so I won’t.

The music scene at the moment is very strange to me. There are so many different “scenes” in this one diverse music scene, it’s so hard to keep up or even focus on just your specific ‘scene’ alone, you just get so intrigued by what the next person is doing.

On the one hand it’s a very ‘dog-eat-dog’ industry due to the obvious: MONEY, FAME, & A LEKKA JOL!

And on the other side, ouks don’t mind living like ‘Starvin Marvin’ because so many doors have opened for us, especially with all the international acts coming over here and so many SA artists going abroad too. SA is on the map and climbing high very quickly. So quickly in fact that the so-called ‘industry’ is just NOT PREPAIRED for it. We need more managers & less Pop Tarts, I mean Stars.

There is a burst of unique flavour, that’s great…….I just get gutted about the venue problem and the fucking neighbours complaining about noise pollution when they’re living next to a very happening street filled with active night life. I mean what did they think was gona happen? Party stops at 8pm followed by everyone holding hands and singing ‘Kumbaya”? Ofcourse NOT, our extremely ‘anti-live music’ Justice System just closes the venues down.

Anyway, what? Oh music scene, yah, lekka.

  • What have been some of the highlights of 2014 so far?

So many highlights, so little time….Here are my top 10:

1*Got asked to play in Berlin
2*Sold my car for studio time (this sounds super hardcore if I ever wanted to write a book)
3*Recorded a 2nd album,
4*got to work with some really incredible musicians,
5*Never been so broke in my life,
6*Never made so much money in my life,
7*bought my first “very expensive for me” Alvarez guitar,
8*had my very first “very expensive for me” Alvarez guitar stolen,
9*Listened to the radio for the first time in years (what the shit is that they’re playing? No wonder the Afrikaans scene is pumping, people think that you can make some ‘doef-doef’ kak loop in the back while you sing a few lines consisting of “Oh” Yeah” ‘Ah Baby” and “she broke my heart”.)

Park Acoustics In Association with Jack Daniel’s Presents: PARK ACOUSTICS - 26 OCTOBER 2014

  • We can look forward to seeing you at Park Acoustics this month, alongside Van Coke Kartel and Johnny Foreigner… are you excited at all?

Yes POMPED. (I just hope my saxophone player gets to the gig on time. Her flight lands very close to our slot but it’s the only flight we could get for under R1000 and that’s what we’re getting paid for this gig. This is the reality of the SA Music scene for anyone out there considering being a full time musician. You have to learn to crawl for many years before you can walk. I find comfort in the struggles, sometimes.

“– Never have your wallet with you onstage. It’s bad luck. You shouldn’t play the piano with money in your pocket. Play like you need the money.” – Tom Waits

  • Any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

I am currently working on my 2nd album, it’s pretty much done & then it’s off to L.A. USA for final mixing and mastering.

I am super excited about this album. It’s very different to the first one which was an acoustic album where I did pretty much all my own percussion and so on. For this album I got to bring in all my favourite peeps for that big gypsy-orchestra sound, that fat brass section that I love so much! People like Lee Thomson (Hogg Hoggidy Hog) on trumpet, Gertjie Besselsen (Mr.Cat & The Jackal) on accordion, Jess vd Merwe (Jelly Fish; Los Tacos) on Sax, Basson Laubscher (and the Violent Free Peace, Zinkplaat, Valiant Swart) on Electric & Dubro, Kwazi Mkulo (South African National Youth Orchestra Foundation) on Cello, Arnno van Zyl (Crimson House) on Banjo and so many more! We are spoiled with good music. You gotta keep it fresh and the audience intrigued..

Also, I will be moving to Berlin 23 May next year with gigs booked in Berlin, Amsterdam & London, I can’t wait. People’s attitudes toward music and art is beyond what we are used to here in South-Africa.

  • Where can we follow you on social media?

Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnJangle?ref=br_rs

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/AnnJangle

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/annjangle

  • Thank you so much for your time…


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