[Interview] AN UNDERGROUND LOVESTORY – The story behind the brand and its South African connection.

[Interview] AN UNDERGROUND LOVESTORY - The story behind the brand and its South African connection.With the AN UNDERGROUND LOVESTORY SA Tour kicking off this weekend at Trio Nova presents: SUNSET SIZLA, covering 3 major cities and entertaining dance floors at over 8 events, we bring you this feature showcasing this amazing underground movement coming from Ibiza.

An Underground Lovestory is a platform with the purpose of connecting electronic Underground music movements and their people on a global level. “We want to promote and introduce the various artists and promoters around the world, to enhance their networking opportunities and to make them heard and known to many more like-minded people.”

This tour is a global collaboration between An Underground Lovestory and Mixed Apples, featuring Italian DJ/Producer duo Dis&Dat, with the aim to educate our local public on quality underground music and showcasing artists from SA that believe and push the same vision. Mixed Apples and An Underground Lovestory came together in mid 2014 with the help of our friends Rozo & Bugss from the Meca Mixlab, who thought that our brands would be able to team up to bring South Africa something different, something genuine. It has been a planning process ever since, with this first trip one of many to come in the very near future.

Dis&Dat aka Andrea D’Ambrosio and Gabriele Sardi started at the young age of 14 years to experiment with Deep House and Dub/Techno sounds and began producing tracks in 2008. With their first release in 2013 on Natural Beat Recordings they started to improve their technical skills and worked with labels as Zeitlos Music, Innocent Music, Kosmophono, Tip Tap Music, Coquette Records and Draft

[Interview] DIS&DAT (Italy) arrive in South Africa and are ready to bring the underground!!

Take a look at the story behind the amazing Ibiza movement An Underground Lovestory, as well as all the tour dates that await all you eager music lovers:

  • Hi Maxi…what a pleasure to be chatting to you and to tell our followers all about you and the amazing brand that you run!!! Are you doing well? 

Pleasure´s on my side, Im great!

  • Before we get started, would you mind introducing yourselves to us and giving us a brief background on how you got into the music scene? – 

I´m from Southern Germany (Stuttgart), I moved about 7 years ago to Ibiza though. I always was  highly attrackted to music and dancing, yet in my childhood I was doing HipHop & Jazz Dance and later with 16 got introduced to electronic music scene. I quickly felt a connection with the music, the open-minded people and the special vibes created by music. While studying Marketing & Communication, I was working for a big events company and besides got heavily engaged in the nightlife for different clubs and promoters as well as music media platforms. I continued building up a heavy music network and in 2008, after spending 2 Ibiza holidays I decided that I need a big change in my life, I was no longer happy being put into the structure of nowadays society, so I quit all jobs, my flat and left to Ibiza. And here I am since then.

  • How did you start AN UNDERGROUND LOVESTORY and please tell us why you called it this way, we love the name sooooo much! 

The birth of my brand is actually a total Underground Lovestory… It was  2013 and I was supposed to consult a promoter for several events  throughout the Winter in Ibiza, I never worked on a proper brand, I´ve always been everybody´s support, but never thought about starting my own thing. So after closing the venue and conditions my partner unfortunately had to change plans and I found myself with a weekly residency for no party. I had to decide wether to cancel all or start my own proyect. Time ran up and in the night before I had to deliver the first artwork I got so angry about finding myself in this situation and said to myself “fuck, all this stress for what! Its all just for the fu***** love for the Underground Music!” – and An Underground Lovestory was born.

[Interview] AN UNDERGROUND LOVESTORY - The story behind the brand and its South African connection.

  • What is the idea/purpose behind the brand??

The actual purpose behind the brand was to have a ventile for my music passion, through my work I meet so many great acts and talents and it´s sad to see that people without means nowadays hardly have a chance to be recognized and/or heard. If you don´t know the right person or sell out your soul you hardly make it to pay your bills with music. I thought that something must be done, and after the first event directly knew that my brand will not end up as a simple party but will grow into a global platform with purpose to promote talents and underground artists, promoters and labels connection Underground movements all over the world for healthy growth and networking. I want to connect people with passion for music, a big heart and a even bigger vision, keeping it real and simple, staying true to themselves.

  • Would you mind telling our followers how An Underground Lovestory and Mixed Apples came together to team up on this tour?

Its thanks to another great person with huge passion for music, Clinton (Buggs) from Johannesburg. He followed Dis&Dat and at some point got in touch with me talking about wanting to bring the boys to South Africa, at some point we got introduced to Nelson from Mixed Apples and The South African Lovestory started. After several months of talking and a short visit in Ibiza last December took away the last doubts and here we are, building an invisible bridge from South Africa to Europe, by passion for music!

  • What is your relationship with the boys from Dis&Dat? 

Oh – another beautiful Underground Lovestory 🙂 See in my life love is always first! I stumbled a year ago over one of their productions (Double Mock) on Soundcloud and directly fell in love. Few days later I listened to the track again and wrote a short mail asking if any Ibiza  gigs were planned for 2014. We got into a small conversation and decided we give it a try. I had no real means as I just started the Lovestory and myartistsand.me wasn’t born yet, but I felt a very heavy connection and I believed in them being special.  In February 2014 I closed several Ibiza spring dates for An Underground Lovestory and I decided to fly in the guys. Even though we hardly spoke neither really knew each other, when the guys arrived it was love at first sight and since then they became almost like my sons, we have a very special and strong connection over music.

  • You are coming to South Africa for the first time, are you excited for this? 

Of course, I´m always excited when I go on a work-travel. I´m actually more excited than before my first time heading to Miami, as all is super sorted and people are more humble. I guess I´ve never travelled to a foreign country being that relaxed 🙂

  • What are you most excited about for the tour? 

I´m excited about getting to know lots of amazing people tasting the real Underground scene down there. I am so curious about all the new DJs I´m going to listen to!

[Interview] AN UNDERGROUND LOVESTORY - The story behind the brand and its South African connection. [Interview] AN UNDERGROUND LOVESTORY - The story behind the brand and its South African connection.

  • What have you guys heard about our underground house  scene in South Africa? 

Actually so far not much haha 🙂 The only thing people told me who have been there is that we gonna love it, because of the crowd and the amazing vibes. More we actually don´t need to know 🙂 Down to earth cannot be anything else but good 🙂

  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

 Maybe other big plans for 2015? I´m working on my own agency for Artist & Music Management, called “myartistsand.me” – this is my second baby now, growing side by side with An Underground Lovestory as I am scouting worldwide new talents to guide and manage them while touring around.

  • Where can we follow you on social media? 

www.facebook.com/anundergroundlovestory or /myartistsand.me

  • Thank you so much for your time. We cant wait to have you here in sunny SA!! 

[Interview] AN UNDERGROUND LOVESTORY - The story behind the brand and its South African connection.



Images by: www.farisvillena.com (faris villena)


[Interview] DIS&DAT (Italy) arrive in South Africa and are ready to bring the underground!!

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