[interview] ALT EGO – Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

[interview] ALT EGO - Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

Photographer credit: Melissa Brown


When cousins Callen Petersen and Jody Abel combined their musical talents, an extraordinary combo was born. Callen, who plays the violin, and Jody, who plays guitar and beatboxes, make up the dynamic musical duo – Acoustic Element.

Both of these young musicians are graduates from the University of Cape Town. Callen completed his B.Comm in Financial Accounting in 2009 and went on to study Fashion Design at the Design Academy of Fashion, graduating in 2012. Jody completed his Film and Media undergrad in 2011 and went on to do a postgrad in Marketing.


Since their arrival on the South African entertainment scene, Acoustic Element has performed alongside some of the country’s hottest performers, including Lira, Jimmy Nevis, Emo Adams, Freshly Ground, Beatenberg and Cassper Nvoyest.

The duo has a diverse repertoire and are able to adapt their genre to suit any desired style and taste. From pop and rock to jazz and smooth ballads, Acoustic Element is able to cater to any function. They play both acoustically for a background feel, while they also provide pre-mixed backing tracks and a DJ for a more party or festival event.


Acoustic Element has already entertained audiences at a wide range of events and festivals around the country.

These include the Grand White Dinner (which consisted of a nationwide in 2014 and 2015, attracting over 15 000 people), J&B Met, Sun International’s Sun Star Beacon of Hope unveiling on Signal Hill, Divos concert at the Grand Arena, GrandWest and Park Inn by Radisson’s opening in Newlands.

Previous corporate bookings include Investec, Old Mutual, Sanlam, Sun International, Amdec, Prime Media, FNB and SAICA. The duo has also performed at Cape Town clubs such as St Yves, Living Room and the Dubliner at Kennedy’s.


Having performed for a wide range of events all around the country – from weddings and markets, corporate functions, concerts, parties and clubs, Acoustic Element knows how to ensure that your guests enjoy the entertainment they provide.

They have caught the attention and hearts of South Africa, and the international market is starting to take note too. International electronic band Clean Bandit recently uploaded a video of the band doing a cover of their major hit “Rather Be”.

With unique charisma and flair, Acoustic Element is sure to bring that “something extra” to make your event an unforgettable experience!

*** Biography Copy: http://acousticelement.co.za/about-us/

[interview] ALT EGO - Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

Photographer credit: Melissa Brown

1 June 2017 saw the release of CT based duo, ALT EGO’s debut self-titled album. The album comes after the release of the first single from the album,GET WILD earlier this year.

When cousins Callen Petersen and Jody Abel combined their musical talents, an extraordinary combo was born, named Acoustic Element. Wanting to explore a different side to Acoustic Element, they stayed true to the acoustic feel of their instruments whilst exploring the alter ego of their own brand. The result: ALT EGO – a brand new, electrifying dance act, where violin and guitar fuses with electric synths and house beats.

ALT EGO, the album, was produced by Cosher and recorded at his studio in Cape Town. The album is a culmination of a journey of just under two years; from finding their new sound to writing, refining and recording.

Being instrumentalists, the duo still included their signature use of acoustic violin, guitar and beat boxing, but was also inspired by creating a musical journey and focused on blending and creating interesting sounds by fusing different genres together. From the beginning to the end, the music itself takes the listener on a path of various emotions – quirky, humerous, sassy, uplifting, dark, sexy, and moments of realization, all fuzed into a mixture of Dance, House, Hip Hop, gypsy and classical influences.

“It took a long time for us to find our sound. We played around, experimented, tried things out, and took our time to find one that spoke to us. When we eventually discovered the sound, and realized it was, in fact, the alter ego of Acoustic Element, we named the project Alt Ego. We were so proud of this name that it was no brainer to almost dedicate our debut album to the discovery – hence the self title.”

[interview] ALT EGO - Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

ALT EGO Track Listing:

  1. They Call Me Crazy (feat. Lakota Silva)
  2. The Sound (feat. Mathew Gold)
  3. Get Wild (feat. Amy Tjasink)
  4. Take What You Want (feat. Jade Hubner & Desmond John)
  5. For The Day (feat. Four)
  6. Interstellar
  7. Found The Truth (feat. Desmond John)
  8. The Great Pretender (Cosher Remix)
  9. Spanish Tech
  10. Embrasse Moi
  11. The End
  12. Found The Truth (Instrumental)

“We are super proud of the album and it is the perfect representation of us and where we are currently in music. Our music will always grow, evolve and change. But as of now, this sound describes us perfectly. Let us take you on our  journey!”

Interview: ALT EGO

[interview] ALT EGO - Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

Photographer credit: Melissa Brown

• Hey gents, how do you do? Its a huge pleasure to be chatting to you.

Hello! No no, The pleasure is all ours!

• Can we please get started with a short 101 on who ALT EGO is? Where in SA are you guys from from? What are your roles in the duo? How did music become a part of your life? 
ALT EGO is an extension of Acoustic Element. It’s a fresh new project we started this year, launching our self titled album and new electronic dance based music. Callen on the Violin, Jody on the guitar & beatbox. We’re based in Cape Town.
We’ve been doing music since the tender ages of 6/7 years old. Callen’s been playing Violin for 20+ years, Jody’s been playing guitar for 10+, but music has always been part of us!

• Was music always an influence in your lives growing up? Was it a big part of your upbringing? 
Yes indeed. It all started in church. We’d be involved in the church choir & orchestra. We then went through primary and high school and were always involved in music as an extra mural cultural activity. We also did our UNISA grades during schooling and its just been part of our lives as hobbies and in earning some extra cash whilst studying further.

• What are your musical influences, that gave birth to the “sound” that you push?

Clean Bandit. Kygo. Goldfish. And of late we love us some house (specifically techno).

• You have now just released your debut, self-titled, album. What can we expect from this offering?
You can expect some house beats, great features, violin synths, acoustic guitar, beatboxing and some dirty drops!

• Are there any notable collaborations on this album that you wish to talk about? 

Yes! We’ve worked with Mathew Gold, Four, Lakota Silva and Amy Tjasink. We’re really happy to have worked with such exceptional talent on this album!

• Where can people get a copy of your album?

At the month it’s available for pre-order on ITunes & Google Play Store. From 1 June it will be available on all digital platforms, and it will be exclusively sold at the One & Only Hotel for the entire month!

• What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment? 

It’s hip, It’s happening, and we’re so glad to be part of it! South Africa’s where it’s at, yo! (We don’t talk like this)

• Is there anything else that you are currently working on that you wish to tell us about?

We’re doing some live performances/ collabs with some awesome artists. Jimmy Nevis, Mathew Gold, DJ Cosher & Howard Edward.
You can catch us at the One & Only Vista Bar with DJ Cosher every Wednesday & Friday nights 6-9pm!

• Where do we follow you on social media? 

• Thank you for your time.

Get Wild feat. Amy Tjasink (Official Video)

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