[interview] ALEXANDRA MAY Releases Debut EP – ONE

ALEXANDRA MAY Releases Debut EP - ONE - Mixed Apples

Last week, 9th September, saw the official release of ALEXANDRA MAY’s debut EP entitled ONE, through The David Gresham Record Company. ONE comes after the release of her first single, Amazing and her second single from the EP, Highlights.

The EP is produced by Ziggy Adolf and was recorded during 2015 and 2016 at David Gresham Records StudiosALEXANDRA describes the EP as showing different aspects of herself emotionally and vocally; a sneak peek into where she is at present with her work.

“I want to inspire and encourage people with my music. I believe that each of the songs on my EP may do that. Whether it gives someone the guts to tell someone how they feel about them, or gives them a moment to cry and let their feelings out.” says Alexandra.

She chose the word ONE as album title for a variety of reasons – she is a solo artist, with one team that has one goal, and all the songs on the EP have one word as their title. The EP also features two covers done in ALEXANDRA’s unique way, namely First by Cold War Kids, and Photograph by Ed Sheeran.

“I’ve grown a huge amount during the creation of ONE. I think the EP really shows exactly who I am right now. Each new song brings something new to life for me.”

Interview: Alexandra May

ALEXANDRA MAY Releases Debut EP - ONE - Mixed Apples

MA: Hi Alexandra… how are you doing today? Its really nice to be chatting to you again. 

Hi! I’m doing great thank you, it’s awesome to chat to you again!

MA: So we chatted to you earlier this year for the release of your debut single, AMAZING… How was the response to that release?

Yes we did, and it feels like a life time ago so much has happened.  The song has been taken incredibly well!  Within a month AMAZING was playlisted to 5FM radio!! It has also been in the top 10 of the TOP 30 on the 5FM charts for 9 weeks now!

MA: Can you give us a short recap on what you have been up to this year? Maybe giving us a few of the highlights of 2016

This year has been the most fantastic roller-coaster!  When AMAZING was released, I spent time in Cape Town doing radio, blog and TV interviews. Since then I’ve done performances at schools, with #Upstandingcitizen (a project created by my sister to assist school learners in Diepsloot) , and Inspired Youth SA – where l’ve performed to thousands of scholars!  In the midst of all this, I’ve also been working on my EP.  AND just recently my 2nd single HIGHLIGHTS was released and is already playlisted with 5fm!

MA: You will be releasing your debut EP, you must be so excited?? What can we expect from this EP? How many tracks will be on this release? Can you describe the album in 5 words?

I am SO excited! The EP is called ‘ONE’ and has 5 tracks on it (all with one word as their title).

The EP shows different aspects of me and tells a story. The songs vary from romance to heartbreak & inspiration. Life is such a mystery and it’s #aMAYzing how inspiration comes.  I think the outcome of my EP is like my ‘journal’ … I can look back on each song (verse & chorus) and see my history!

This Is Only The Beginning.

MA: Do you have any notable appearances or collaborations on the EP?

Yes …. I co-wrote BREATHE with Connel Cruise.  It’s really cool to work with other musicians as they inspire me incredibly.  I would love to work with others too!

MA: What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and is there anything you wish to see happen differently? Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

When the law for 90% local music to be played on our radios came to pass, I was suddenly exposed to a huge amount of ‘new’ local music.  What beautiful music there is out there! I think we have a huge amount of talent in SA.  We have all the determination, talent and production expertise in the world and we are worthy of international platforms – and it’s incredible to see what some local artists have already achieved overseas, like Black Coffee and Locnville.

I just hope these opportunities keep coming our way, and that we are always ready to take them!

MA: Anything else that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

I am always busy with writing and looking for new opportunities.  I am planning and hoping for a number of performing opportunities very soon.  Please keep eyes open on Social Media for dates and venues.

MA: Tell us again, where can we follow you on Social media?

Facebook – Alexandra May page 
Instagram – alexandramay.music
Twitter – AllyMay_Music
Website –  www.alexandramaymusic.com

MA: Thanks for your time…!!

It’s been an #aMAYzing #Highlight to chat with you.  THANKS!

ONE Track Listing:

  1.     Amazing
  2.     First
  3.     Highlights
  4.     Breathe
  5.     Photograph

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