[Interview] Al Bairre – Park Acoustics 27th September

[Interview] Al Bairre - Park Acoustics 27th September--Photo-Credit-Caroline-Mackintosh-40


AL BAIRRE is a indie pop band from Cape Town who have won the hearts of many South Africans all over the country. Their music will have you dancing , feeling good and wanting to be on a secluded island. They will be at Park Acoustics again this Sunday, alongside Bittereinder and many more. Take a look at the rad interview we had with them:

Interview: AL BAIRRE

Al Bairre photo 2

MA: Hi guys, its really nice to chat to you, how you doing? 

We are doing stunningly, thank you. How are you? That’s good.

MA: Do you mind giving us a short 101 on who Al Bairre is, where you guys met and where do you call home?

We are an aggressively unfancy band from Cape Town. We play Classic Indie Finger Pop and we met at Plett Rage when Nic kissed both the twins. It was quite a sight.

MA: Do you mind introducing us to the members and what are you playing in the band?

Over here we have Nicholas. He sings and plays guitar and keys and bass and ukelele.
That’s Kyle over there. He plays guitar and keys. He doesn’t ever sing.
To your left is Julia. She sings and plays violin and ukelele and keys and bass.
And also to your left we have the lovely Tessa. She sings and plays cello and keys.
Then we also have a session drummer. He’s is literally and figuratively the best.

MA: It has been a epic last couple of years for the band. What have been some of your highlights thus far?

Up The Creek. Flamjangled Tea Party. Kirstenbosch. our UK Tour. Oppikoppi. And all the club shows in between have been just outstanding.

AL BAIRRE Announces Debut UK Shows London and at The Great Escape - Photo Credit Caroline Mackintosh

MA: What are your thoughts on the current music scene in SA?

We think it’s gorgeous. Everyone is starting to get really excited to go out and dance all the time. It’s a lovely thing to see. Everyone always complains that everyone never comes to shows anymore. But they are obviously going to the wrong shows. Cause we always have a great time.

MA: Are there any specific friends, promoters and/or venues that deserve a shout out for what they do for the industry? 

There are a lot of people doing really cool things all over the show. But i know I’m gonna forget someone so I’ll rather not name drop.

MA: Al Bairre are back at Park Acoustics again this month. Are you excited to be back? What can we expect from your set?

We always look forward to park acoustics! We haven’t had a bad one yet. The people and the food and the weather and the bands are just always too divine for words. As far as our set goes we have some new songs for the good people of Park Acoustics. They deserve to be treated right.

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FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1609973622599806/

MA: Anything that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

Yeah!!!!!!! For the last while we have been leading up to the release of our Mini LP ‘EXPERIENCE THE AL BAIRRE SHOW WITH AL BAIRRE EXPERIENCE’. It’s due for release worldwide beginning of November. It’s sounding flippin’ huge and we simply can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

We will also be releasing a music video for the track ‘Let’s Fall In Love Some More’ at the same time. Nic is also directing the video so that is super duper exciting.

Beginning of November. Pencil it in.

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?

Instagram ~ albairre
Facebook ~ Al Bairre
Twitter ~ @albairre
YouTube ~ Al Bairre
Or you can find everything at ‘albairre.com

MA: Thanks for your time guys…!!

Thank you  <3

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