[Interview] AL BAIRRE – Chatting about their New Song “JULIA” & MashLab collab with PHFAT

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AL BAIRRE is a talented indie band from Cape Town, who have had a very busy 2015 with a whole load of awesome stuff still to come! Their successes in 2015 comes off of a great 2014, which saw them release their debut EP “WHEN I WAS TALL” and also perform overseas in the UK. On a local front, they have played at most of the big festivals around the country and have shared the stage with some of the best bands in SA! 2015 has started off with a bang, with them collaborating with PHFAT on the XPERIA MASHLAB on 5FM with a song called CAVIAR DREAMS, and now with them releasing their latest single “JULIA”. We caught up with them recently with a short interview… here is all the info you need:



AL BAIRRE recently took part in Xperia Mashlab on 5FM. In collaboration with PHFAT, they have just released the single, CAVIAR DREAMS.
Al Bairre and PHFat were voted by 5FM listeners as two artists they would like to see collaborate on a track. The listeners also had to send in theme ideas for the collaboration, of which the artists chose the theme ‘dreams’.

The artists then had two weeks to work on the song. They had a final song ready for release with a week to spare, but then heard that they had the chance to record live on the pipe organ in City Hall in Cape Town. They loved the sound of the organ, and three days before the song’s release scrapped pretty much everything they had and started working on a new version of the song based around the organ as the main feature. They finished the song with 2 hours to spare.

Caviar Dreams’ composition started with Narch laying down a basic four bar loop with drums and bass. Kyle then added guitar and Nic and Tessa recorded the organ. After the music part was concluded, Nic, Mike and the Al Bairre twins came up with basic melodies after which Mike wrote the lyrics to the song. After everything was recorded, Mike and Narch tightened all loose ends with a final polish of the song.

“It’s very different to what either of us would have usually made, so it’s hard to know what to think. But we think it’s cool. Very dreamy and haunting. We both love dreamy and haunting.”  says Al Bairre.

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Al-Bairre-Mixed Apples feature--Photo-Credit-Caroline-Mackintosh-40


MA: Hi guys… it is such a pleasure to be chatting to you guys!!

Thank you very much. That’s very polite of you (blushing bbm face)

MA: Lets kick this off with you giving us a short introduction to Al Bairre, where you come from and how you met up to start the band?

We all come from Cape Town and we met at Plett Rage and Nicholas kissed both the twins. After that i think Julia wanted an excuse to see Nic again so she started agreeing to come to our band practices. Then we got Tessa involved because 2 is better than 1, and the rest was destiny.

MA: What are your influences and inspirations as a band?

We are very prone to peer pressure so we are influenced by everything. How we don’t all smoke by now is beyond me. And as far as inspiration goes. Just other musicians and acts that are killing it. We watch a lot of bands performing live on YouTube and in real life and that definitely inspires us to up our game.

MA: Our local scene has been growing positively over the past few years… What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently?

Our live music scene is a lot of fun at the moment and i think we are on the right track. So just keep on practicing your scales i guess. And eating healthy. A healthy body is a healthy mind…

MA: Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

John Wizzards’ album is just gorgeous. PH.Fat’s live show is just on another level at the moment. People literally lose their shit. Someone shit on my shoes in Assembly last weekend. Beatenberg and Jeremy Loops are touring and pretty much living our dream. So that’s cool to see and Fantasma is sounding gorgeous too. I’ve definitely forgotten some bands and am gonna get in trouble.

MA: You are coming off the success of your debut album WHEN I WAS TALL and a very busy 2014…. what were some of your most memorable moment from the past 12/18 months?

When I Was Tall was just an EP. Nothing fancy like an album. We still haven’t actually put out an album. After the release of the EP we have gotten very fussy. So our album is taking it’s time to come together. But it’s coming.

Highlights have definitely been our tour to the UK in May. We played 3 around London and 2 shows at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. That place was just magical. So many bands, so many people, so many good times. Our shows went amazingly and were full so we were chuffed, so that whole tour was pretty much the highlight of our bands life, so far.

MA: On top of that, you have just been to Europe where you played a few gigs, how was that experience? What were some of your fondest memories from the tour?

Like i said above, it was the highlight of highlights. All the memories were fond ones. Except the first night’s show where we had to go on after an open mic poet had laid down a beautiful spoken word poem that had everyone in tears. We had to go on after her and play to people still drying their eyes. We got them up in the end though. The shows got infinitely better after that haha. 

But some other highlights were watching Tom drop his cymbals town the entire length of the escalator heading down to The Tube after our one show. Tessa getting on the tube and the doors closing behind her before the rest of us had got on or told her where we were heading to. The ‘meal deals’ at Tesco and lastly having to put all our clothes onto our bodies and then waddle over to check-in at Heathrow, because they wanted to charge us R20 000 because our bags were to heavy. No thank you.

Al Bairre photo 2

MA: Who would you say is the toughest “travel companion” in the band?

Kyle i think. If he doesn’t eat he gets grumpy. But he also goes to sleep very easily. So that’s a good travel skill to have. So if he is hungry we just put him to sleep somewhere.

MA: Earlier this year, you guys released your single and music video, for the track BUNGALOW… what can we expect from this song?

Fist pumping till your arm falls off.

MA: Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about, or any other major plans for the rest of 2015?

New single, some festivals, more shows, different outfits, new dance moves, a tour, running, banting, less sugar, more squats, 6 packs, defined calves.

MA: Where can we follow Al Bairre on Social media?

Our website is albairre.com.
Instagram: @albairre
Twitter: @albairre
Facebook: Al Bairre
YouTube: Al Bairre

MA: Lastly, if you could colab with any artists (local or international), who would that be with?

PH.Fat. We have been talking about a colab for a while now. It will happen.

MA: Thanks for your time guys…!!

The pleasure was all ours.

AL BAIRRE releases latest single “JULIA”:

AL BAIRRE releases latest single "JULIA":

Today sees the release of a new song by AL BAIRRE, entitled JULIA

JULIA was written in AL BAIRRE’s practice room and recorded a while ago at Digital Forest Studios in Cape Town. Since then, the band has been sitting on it and waiting on the right time to release it. Seeing as it is holiday and people are road tripping, making memories, kissing each other, playing silly-buggers and making mistakes – AL BAIRRE wanted to provide them with a soundtrack for their activities.

The song is about JULIA, another girl and our generation and features a lot of different instrumentation as well as both male and female vocals which are signature AL BAIRRE elements. The band describes the song as a bit bolder in terms of progressive singing and emotion, and the happiest sad song you will ever hear.

“JULIA makes us feel excitement peppered with fear. We have given up trying to predict what people will think. However, our manager did leak a live version of the song for 15 minutes on YouTube in May by accident and the response was great. So that made us feel a bit better. But also we love the song and we have great taste in music! ;)” 

Listen to JULIA here:

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