[interview] 5 Skippas – Catch them at the Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017

[interview] 5 Skippas - Catch them at the Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017

This weekend is all about beer, good food, music and more beer, at the Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017. With hundreds of beers to choose from, from all over South Africa, how do you decided what to test and what not to test. One of the breweries that will be on tap this Saturday is newly established 5 Skippas, who see themselves in the follow way:

A bold expression of the south african beer drinker.
From back to kasi comes a local South African beer made for the people, by the people. The 5 skippas story began with a legendary interview on live tv that captured the hearts of south africans. Today, the name is used to describe many things, but most importantly a great tasting beer we can all celebrate.

New 5 Skippas Superior Golden Lager Leaves Local Beer Drinkers with Authentic Taste of Home.

There’s a new golden lager making the bar rounds in town––and it’s challenging everything about the mass market beer category.

[interview] 5 Skippas - Catch them at the Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017
A beer made for the people, by the people, it’s difficult to think of 5 Skippas Superior Golden Lager as the new beer on the block, when it’s already crept its way into the hearts of local beer drinkers, finding the magic to make the all-important leap from newcomer to beer of choice.

The product of the now legendary interview between former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper, turned TV presenter, turned entrepreneur Deshi Bhaktawer, and enamoured fan turned spokesperson Good Enough Sithole, where the term 5 Skippas was first coined, the beer is a smooth and refreshing reflection of our local spirit and love for sport.

As a challenger to the mass market, the 5 Skippas brand counts values such as unity, authenticity, and locality as the main drivers behind its beer, aiming to weave a fabric between the different cultures in South Africa––regardless of gender, age, culture, or ethnicity. Drawing from its storied heritage and great passion for people, 5 Skippas’ position is clear: if takes something special to bring people together, why shouldn’t it be a great tasting beer?

Currently, 5 Skippas Superior Golden Lager is only available in Gauteng, with plans to expand into the rest of the country in the near future.

About 5 Skippas:

The 5 Skippas story began with a legendary interview on live TV that captured the hearts of South Africans. Today, the name is used to describe many things, but most importantly a great tasting beer we can all get behind. From back to Kasi comes a hard-working South African beer made for the people, by the people.

Keep it local. Keep it ‘skippas.

About 5 Skippas Superior Golden Lager:

5 Skippas Superior Golden Lager is a bold tasting beer with a refreshing aroma and smooth, clean taste. It is one of the stronger lagers available in South Africa and is characterised by its straw-coloured body, creamy white head, and crisp body of ingredients that includes only the essential: malt, barley, water and hops.

It’s a beer made for easy drinking, whenever, wherever.

Interview: 5 Skippas[interview] 5 Skippas - Catch them at the Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017MA: Hello there, how you doing today? Its a pleasure to be chatting to you!

Hi, all good just working hard as we all should, pleasure chatting to you too.

MA: To get started, do you mind giving us a quick introduction to how 5 Skippas got started and where in SA you are from?

5Skippas is the brainchild of former professional football player Deshi Bhaktawer, who saw an opportunity to manufacture an easy drinking and great tasting beer of all South Africans. The name originated from an interview that he did years ago that went viral on YouTube.

MA: How many years has 5 Skippas been around for?

5Skippas is still very new, it launched in November 2016, but it took almost 3 years to get it to that point.

MA: What are the beers that you offer at your brewery?

Currently only 5Skippas Superior Golden Lager, with many more exciting beers to come.

MA: What have been some of the major challenges for your brewery over the years?

I think that probably distribution is the greatest challenge, it is a challenge for all of us in this industry, so we do the best we can and continue growing the brand. 

MA: Micro Breweries and locally made beer is fast becoming high in demand and highly attractive. How have you seen the change in mindset of local South Africans over the years to local craft beer?

South Africans are keener to try new things and there is a movement towards locally produced products by South African companies. It is important to support local so that we can create jobs and grow the economy.

MA: You will have a stand at the Capital Craft Beer Festival in Pretoria this year. Are you guys excited for this year’s festival?

Capital Craft is one of the major beer festivals, and to be a part of it is an honour and also serves as inspiration to continue creating great tasting beer.

[ticket competition] CAPITAL CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL 2017
MA: Lets make a prediction… which of your beers would be the best seller on the day?

As I said before currently we only have 1 beer, a lager. However we are confident that it will be one of the bestselling beers at the festival this year.

MA: Are there any special mentions you wish to make, praising the people who have helped put craft beer on the map in SA?

The whole 5Skippas family have been instrumental in getting the brand to where it is in only 5 months, we are confident that the brand will grow substantially over the next few years, so keep looking for it on the shelves!!

MA: Where can we get hold of you on social media?

TWITTER: @5skippasbeer
Instagram: 5skippas
Facebook: 5 skippas

MA: Thanks you for your time….

Thank you so much, really appreciate you taking the time to chat to us!! Now go taste a 5skippas Superior Golden Lager!!

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