International DJ Karina from The Zoo Project in Ibiza will be rocking Sunday Funk this weekend

Sunday Funk- Thats what she saidIn celebration of Women’s Day Younique Concepts and After Hours Entertainment in association with Glamour presents That’s What She Said 2013 with Karina Chaczbabian from The Zoo Project in Ibiza. For those in Johannesburg who wants to squeeze the most out of their weekend, That’s What She Said at Sunday Funk the 11th of August will transform the concept of quiet Sunday night into an supercharge for the week and ultimately end off on a high, but deep, note.

Since 2005 Karina is one of the most integral artists within The Zoo Project, a daytime open-air gathering taking place in Ibiza, world-wide known for its unforgettable music events and parties. This avid collector and player of all things vinyl currently spends her winters in Berlin and summers in Ibiza and still finds time to work on her own productions.

With Berlin fuelling and influencing her creative side and an appreciation of the fundamentals of raw Chicago and Detroit music, her trademark style fuses elements of the three smoothly together with the minimalistic, forward thinking deep house that has become her staple sound. Her vinyl selection is seductive, laid-back and hypnotic while all the time retaining a driving, motivating rhythm.

She has played alongside the likes of D’julz, Chris Tietjen, Markus Fix, recently toured the United States of America and is now ready to give South Africans a taste of the Ibiza music flavour.

Local talent to expect in Johannesburg are ThaliaKeren OnayVanessa Holliday and Sunday Funk resident DJ, Nick Essential.

Ticket prices: R80 at the door; R60 via Webtickets

Tickets available via Webtickets:

Karina The Zoo Project Ibiza

Karina Chaczbabian

MA: Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of your background?

At really early age I was dragged around concert halls and to spectacles such as Aida by the pyramids in Cairo, as both my parents are classical violinists.

I was born on Polish soil, grew up in Egypt and Norway, went back to Poland to look for my roots and study political science, discovered Ibiza at 19. I spend my summers in Ibiza working as a resident dj and manager at The Zoo Project and winters in Berlin, concentrating on music production.

Being so much on the move has taught me one precious thing: the less things you have, the easier life is. 😉 I do have stuff in storage all over Europe though! (laughing)

MA: What would you say is your biggest influence and inspiration as a DJ?

The biggest influence and inspiration in life are my travels. Mind blowing people and spaces tickle creativity.

MA: What is the one track that will always be there to save you when needed?

I have several times in my life bought two copies of the same record. In my world that means: that’s the one! One all time favourite to mention is: Francois Kevorkian “Hypnodelic” on Wave from 1995. It’s such a balanced and beautiful track that it honestly cannot get much better than that! I can’t wait to play it in Cape Town!

MA: Tell us how your first ever gig went?

I must have been almost 19 and I was stepping in for a friend. I had been practicing, but didn’t really have a plan what to play (and it has stayed that way! haha). It was a small place in Poland, converted into a club at night. I still remember that I was scared to look at the people, but they were dancing! (laughing)

MA: To date, what has been your best gig / achievement individually and as a DJ? 

It’s really hard to decide what would classify as a top achievement, but for me as an European to play for packed clubs in Detroit and Chicago, the cities where house and techno music was born, is definitely a strong experience.

MA: Are you working on any other projects that we might be interested in?

At this point I am dedicating all my time to music.

MA: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

I think the time has come to stop being a disco nomad and settle down in Berlin. I would also like to have a cat. 😉

MA: Where can people follow you?

MA: Finally, if you could play back to back with any DJ in the world, who would that be?

In 1999, as I first set my foot on Ibiza I discovered club culture and minimal techno, my real inspiration were Ricardo Villalobos sets at the afterhours around beautiful villas on the white isle. I would really like to play such an never-ending villa after party with him.

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