Hypomaniacs – A duo of bass, vocals and good vibes!!

hpnotronics-mixed-apples-interview-arcade-empire-3rd-birthdayThe Hypomaniacs are a bass heavy, vocal slaying electronic duo who are taking the scene my its boot strings and shaking it up a bit! Consisting of Shaun (Producer/DJ) and  Stacey (Vocalist/Producer), this Johannesburg based duo have evolved from playing their parts in various bands, to producing and performing some body shaking, face melting drum n bass and electro tunes. They will be playing alongside Haezer and the rest of the insane line-up at the Arcade Empire 3rd birthday this weekend. He got to do a short interview with them, this is what they had to say:



MA: Hey guys, nice to be chatting to you…can you please give us a background on who HYPOMANIACS are and where you come from?

We are from JHB and write/produce hard electro to bang your head to on the dance floor, its more about the emotion and the party and what we would prefer to hear in clubs.

We both played instruments before moving onto digital production… a natural progression.

MA: How did you guys meet? 

We met at 115 Anderson STR on a Drum and Bass night

MA: What are some of your inspirations in making music?

Life experience mostly, listening to tons of music, and the desire to create something new everyday

MA: Stacey, can you tell us how you got interested in dnb and electro?

I just have always gravitated towards more alternative music, so in dance music, dnb and electro are really a bridge between hard rock and dance, so it was a natural attraction i guess… also I hate sheep, and the music sheep listen to. 🙂

MA: When did you realise that you wanted to make music of this sort?

In 2011, after seeing Cyberpunkers at a Griet Party,


MA: What are your thoughts of the local music scene at the moment?

Its growing by the day and the quality of tracks now being produced are at an international level, so in a nutshell, really good

MA: What does the future hold for you guys?

We’re planning another tour to Europe later this year.

MA: Do you wish to break into the festival scene

Ofcourse! Do you have the password?…or should we just throw a brick through the window?

MA: You are playing at the Arcade Empire’s 3rd Birthday party… What can we expect from your set on the night?

Its going to be an epic night, and we have brand new tunes to drop, high energy and lots of sweat!

Arcade Empire 3rd birthday - two MASSIVE events in store for you!!

MA: Anything else that you are currently working on that we might be interested in?

We’re busy working on a full length album, because usually we release two/three track EP’s, and a music video in the works soon

MA: Where can we catch you guys on social media?


MA: Lastly, do you have a special message for Arcade Empire on their born day?

HappymotherfuckinBirthday!! and we wish you many more!


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