HOUSE ON THE HILL – 2lani The Warrior is ready to bring the heat!!! – 2nd August

HOUSE ON THE HILL - 2lani The Warrior is ready to bring the heat!!! - 2nd AugustOne of the pioneers of the house scene in South Africa is none other than 2lani The Warrior!! This gent has been in the industry for as many years as most of you party animals are alive, still dropping them bombs and making you move!! Over the last year, we have forged a solid relationship with this #Legend, helping out whenever we can, as we are both looking to promote the talents that lie in our beautiful country. If you have never seen 2lani in action, you have not lived, or at least, you have not had your panties dropped by sweet, sexy, deep house music!! This coming Saturday, he is on the line-up for one of the sickest events to hit Pretoria this year, playing alongside Crazy White Boy, Das Kapital, HouseHold Funk, Sisco Umlambo and many, many more… Take a look at this sweet interview we had with the man, hope you enjoy:


We Are Random & ABSOLUT. presents: The House On The Hill (Crazy White Boy & Das Kapital ) and More

▌│║▌║▌█║ DEETS ▌│║▌║▌█║

√ DATE: 2nd August 2014
√ Time: Gates open at 12pm
√ Tickets available via
√ R250 General Admission ( Limited to 700)
√ R400 VIP (Limited 100)
√ Dress: Exclusively beautiful



HOUSE ON THE HILL - 2lani The Warrior is ready to bring the heat!!! - 2nd August

  • Hey my brother, how you doing? Its great to be chatting to you again!!

Thank you for having me.  It is always fun chatting to you guys.

  • For those that have never read any of the interviews we have done together, please give them a short 101 on 2Lani The Warrior and how you goy started in music?
I am a dj, producer and record label owner with only one passion in life; music.  My passion for music was discovered at a very young age, back when I was in school.  I used to spend all my breaks and spare time listening to music and learning about different music styles and genres.  Ever since then, music has been my best friend, my other half, my life.
  • You are also the owner of DO IT NOW RECORDINGS… how did that come about and what does the label represent??

It has always been a dream of mine to own my own record label.  This started way back in the 90’s when I used to work in record shops selling vynils.  Being able to order vynils from other labels and understand how these labels do business inspired me to create my own label, a record label that is true to the spirit of underground music, representing beautiful and unique sounds.

  • Who have been some of the amazing artists you have worked with over the years on the label?

J. Axel, From P60, Addex, Those Boys, Marco Finotello, Andy Compton… these are but a few of the greats.


  • What would you say have been some inspirations and influences in your sound?
I have always been attracted to different sounds, different productions and different genres.  I love complex, creative and ingenious sounds and use these to move and inspire the crowds on the dance floor.
  • Being in the industry for quite some time, you have obviously seen the ups and downs of the house scene in SA….what have been some of the major challenges for you and your brands?
It is easy to start a record label, but it is even harder to keep it going.  This has been my hardest challenge to date.  There is not a lot of money in the industry, so being able to get a piece of the pie while competing against much larger and more established record labels is difficult.  Even with a very good support base from on-line fans and at gigs, this support does not always turn into sales which makes the future of any record label difficult.  Counter-acting piracy and collecting royalties for released music also adds unnecessary pressure to the industry and the running of my record label.
  • The local music scene has been growing in leaps over the last few years, what has you most excited about how things are progressing in SA?

There is so much raw talent coming out of South Africa at the moment.  Local producers create sounds as a passion and not to make money or be famous.  This adds depth and quality to the produced tracks.

  • You are playing at the We Are Random: HOUSE ON THE HILL event… Are you excited about this pre-Oppikoppi gig? What can we expect from your set?
I am so excited!  I really enjoy the crowd that comes to these parties as they are willing to be educated by the deep underground sound.  And of course, you can expect me to bring the deepest and most underground sound yet!
We Are Random & ABSOLUT. presents: The House On The Hill (Crazy White Boy & Das Kapital ) and More
  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?
Do It Now Recordings has just launched two sub-labels, Music Basket and deepStitched, each focusing on different types of genres.  Music Basket will focus on the lounge, nu-jazz, chill-out sounds while deepStitched will focus on deep and dark tech-house.  We have also started a new album series called ‘Deep House Monsters’, we are currently working on our 5 year celebration album and will be releasing an artist album for Those Boys later this year.
  • Where can we follow you on social media?
  • Lastly, any advice for young DJ’s starting out?
Always stay true to your sound.  Don’t DJ because you want to be famous or make money; do it for the love of the music.  Know your artists and labels; education is key.

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