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House MobbThanks to the special Candice Bremner, who has come to us with yet another gem, we introduce you to this new deep house duo called House Mobb. They came together with slightly different influences, teaming up to bring you a fresh sound to any enthusiastic ear. We bring you House Mobb, have a look at what they had to say:


House MobbMA: Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background on how you got started in music/DJing?

We started as solo DJ’s. Ricardo moving more towards the upbeat underground sounds and Kerwen being more hip hop and RnB. We then started vibing off of one another and fell in love with the deeper sounds and House Mobb was born. We specialised at house parties and with age entered the club life.  7 years of DJ background, it was no walk in the park, but hard work paid off and we were destined for this! Steven Botes joined in on the production side of House Mobb, in which he has 5+ years experience and also has a Dj background but that he does solo..

MA: Explain the name House Mobb to us…

Its the genre we specialise in with a gangster influence, hence the name HOUSE MOBB hahaha.

MA: What are some of your influences and inspirations in your style of music? 

A lot of UK, German and South African influences all in one. Our inspirations started with the likes of Dave Spoon aka Shadow Child and Dusky crossing borders to Dennis Ferrer, Oskido, Mbuso and Fresh. Local talents such as Nick Essential, Thorne Miller, Guy Herman, House Knights, Kyle Watson, Vimo and many many more had the most impact as we saw how they transformed the dancefloor in a matter of seconds.

House Mobb

MA: Are you guys involved in your own production, or is it just the DJ’ing side of things?

We are currently working on a few production projects and are looking to release an EP soon. So that along with DJ’ing we are able to see crowd responses to our own tracks.

MA: Can you describe your ‘sound’ in 5 words?

Deep bass thats f*#cking groovy.

MA: What has you most excited about the local music scene in SA at the moment?

Rocking events featuring some of the best international acts known to man, as SA is making its mark in the deep house scene, improving loacally and abroad!

House Mobb

MA: To date, what has been your best achievement as a DJ duo? 

Featuring on the same line-up as Nick Hannam, Dj PP (Internationals) as well as performing with the most influential local talents!

MA: Is there anything you are working on that we would be interested in?

Our event known as Its Mutual, all about deep house and top acts as well as our EP.

MA: Where do you see yourselves, career wise, in 5 years time? 

At the BPM Festival as well as Ibiza. It wont come easy but we are dedicated and hard working, so it is seen as a long term goal but definitely reachable as we are that determined to make our mark and start a movement…

MA: Where can people follow you? 

On Facebook and Soundcloud under House Mobb and Twitter under @Kerwen06 and @RickMo_Deep.

MA: Is there anyone you wish to thank for where you have gotten thus far?

We have one of the best managers out there that deals with our bookings and sponsorships, Candice Bremner. Without her we wouldnt have made it this far.

MA: Lastly, if you could play at any festival in the world, where would that be?

Its tough and we couldnt agree on just one, it would have to be Ibiza and Tomorrowland!

House Mobb

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