HOTCH – Next offering on the 24th July – Get to know this epic brand!!!

HOTCH - Next offering on the 24th July - Get to know this epic brand!!!


We are in an era where people are slowly pulling away from the usual commercial clubbing scene, to rather go support the underground movements started by various events companies, from all different genres. Over the past couple of years, the deep house, drum&bass, deep tech and dub step niche events have been growing healthily and giving partygoers something different and unique to support. One of these unique events that always seems to be a huge hit with the underground deep house & deep tech market, is HOTCH. HOTCH is a underground movement in Johannesburg, showcasing talented artists in the local scene, with the plan to start up a record label and artists agency in the very near future. They are throwing their latest event this coming Friday, 24th July, with a line-up from all over the country. Here is a short feature on the brand HOTCH and what they have in store for us for this event:


HOTCH - Next offering on the 24th July - Get to know this epic brand!!!

MA: Can you tell us how HOTCH was created and what you hope to achieve via this awesome brand?

Hotch was created with the intent of starting a record label , but after some research we discovered that a record label with no following would be hard to run , So we created the Hotch party – to create a following for our very distinct sound

MA: Is HOTCH mainly about events or do you have other plans for the brand?

Right now Hotch is mainly an events brand and music blog , but as mentioned above we will start releasing music as we have a nice group of talented and passionate producers – Also the Hotch artist agency should be running in the next year or two.

MA: Can you give us more info on the name HOTCH and also why is it that you guys “HOTCH” certain people with your RED ARROW??

Hotch’s literal meaning is “To shift one’s weight from one foot to another” – Basically describing a dancing motion – The Hotch arrow , it became apparent to us that many people go to events , parties just to been seen – and by covering your face we’re saying it’s not about your face but about the music.

HOTCH - Next offering on the 24th July - Get to know this epic brand!!! SHAMBOK

MA: Anything you guys are working on in the near future that we need to know about?

In the future as mentioned above we’re going to get into releasing music and managing artists and the continuation of more events.

MA: What can we expect from HOTCH this coming weekend?

For this event , we’ve hand picked a selection of artists and djs that truly represent the underground , in musical taste and approach – We’ve also emptied out a pool where the empTe dance floor will be

MA: I believe that it is REEZO last gig before relocating to Cape Town?? What more can you explain to us about this?

Reezo has long been one of the better selektors that joburg has to offer and he’s made the decision to relocate to CapeTown – Which we believe is a good one – ReeZo goes B2B with Mig Madiq to headline the empTe floor

Contact HOTCH:


HOTCH - Next offering on the 24th July - Get to know this epic brand!!!

In a city seemingly teeming with nightlife & Dj’s – We bring you a party , a party in a city of parties – The difference being that we have curated a line up centered strictly around the music , yes it’s about the music, not you!

Location: Nestled in the upper class suburbia of Illovo lies a desolate 100year old Cape Dutch mansion , left in its unrestored condition making it the ideal location for the raw uncomprimised sounds of our curated line up.

Line Up: (Main Room)
LEEU ( Hadedah )
Lady M (CPT)


Being a large hole in the ground, hand-dug, machine-dug, or natural, that is filled with water, so as to allow for swimming or other leisures,

Once empTe it shall reveal the true depth of the selektors ability to stay afloat.

Line Up:
Mig Madiq & Reezo Hassan
Ricardo Pinto

HOTCH - Next offering on the 24th July - Get to know this epic brand!!!


DATE.: Friday 24th July 2015
LOCATION.: 20 Hurlingham Road , Illovo
TICKETS.: R80 before 09:00 // R100 thereafter


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