HK007 _ What a party

HK007After a week of building up to House Knights first event of the year, HK007, we finally got our deep house fix. Arriving to streets full of cars, hundreds of good looking people and the low end bass that all great house parties supply; we were smiling. 

The Mills is an industrial building where two dance floors are set-up, one on the rooftop and the other indoors. Both floors had line-ups to die for, so it was tough to capture it all, not that we didn’t try! The great thing was that, whether you were getting a drink downstairs by the main floor, or enjoying the open air vibe, you were always shaking your ass to some of the best house DJ’s in the country. With all the DJ’s dropping banger sets, it was Jullian Gomes (above image) that had me glued to the dance floor, making the people groove.

Overall it was a huge success for the House Knights crew, definitely one of the best events of the year!! Big up for hooking us up with tickets, we looking forward to future events.

These are pictures that we took on the night, will have the pictures from the HK crew up soon.

HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007 HK007    HK007    HK007

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