Hillside Flea – The new market being spoken about all over Pretoria. We chat to Kelly Cancella about the market:

Hillside Flea - Mixed Apples featureThere is a new and homely tread sweeping the Capitol of late, which is the emergence of small and intimate markets, where people can spend their mornings looking through amazing local products not often seen, or taste some yummy food not often found in your commercial shopping centres.

The HILLSIDE FLEA market is the latest of these beautiful markets to emerge in PTA, with hand selected artisan vendors comprising of food, art, fashion and design for you to explore. It is situated on the roof top of one of Pretoria’s busiest restaurants/pub called Lucky Rodrigo’s, which in turn acts as a perfect space to meet and interact with young creatives. Run by an amazing young creative in Kelly Cancella, who has a passion for what she does and a captivating personality that will overflow into this project. We caught up with Kelly for a quick chat, tis is what she had to say:


Hillside Flea - Mixed Apples feature

MA: Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of your background in fashion and why you are soooo passionate of local markets?
HF: I studied business of fashion but got introduced into the fashion world long before when I got thrown into the wardrobe styling industry. When I worked at local jhb markets such as Neighbourgoods and Collective for designer Margot Molyneux whilst studying, I quickly fell inlove with the idea of popup markets, surprisingly what I discovered whilst working alongside other designers is that a lot of them came from the local capital city of Pretoria but exported their expertise, so to speak, to jhb as there was no creative platform in Pretoria. I then saw an opportunity and utilized my knowledge and skills to startup a artisan popup market in Pretoria.

MA: Is there any main meaning behind the name Hillside Flea? 

HF: Not specifically Hillside is the area the market is situated and its contemporary

MA: Can you please tell us what to expect at Hillside Flea? Who are you trying to attract with the market?

HF: You can expect an array of hand selected artisan vendors comprising of food, art, fashion and design. We have a huge vinyl library, pulled pork sandwiches, Mexican food, gourmet foods and treats, wine and champagne tasting, fashion designers and more. We also have lounge areas where visitors can come bring their own drinks up from luckys and lounge out to the music, play board games or cards to the background of a unconventional market setting with a vibe.

We will also be introducing an informal stand up comedy feature where comedians will stroll around the lounges and entertain you. The market runs from 11:00-16:00 but vistors are welcome to hang out and listen to music till sunset.

Hillside Flea - Mixed Apples feature Hillside Flea - Mixed Apples feature

MA: You are also the brains behind the Rabbit Run Market at Park Acoustics… how does Hillside Flea vary from Rabbit Run Market and is that market still running?

HF: Yes Rabbit Run is still running in full swing, this past weekend we had a huge market on at Parks. Hillside Flea differs as it does not just cater for fashion and food vendors, but to all artisan aspects on offer. The market is set is and urban space which fulfills all the needs but also offers a social environment for young professionals to meet and kick off their Saturdays.

MA: What has you most excited about our local fashion industry?

HF: I feel there is a lot in the making and a lot of opportunity and talent to be uncovered. South Africa is surely becoming a fashion frontier in the Fashion world as they are turning to us for inspiration as we start making our mark on the scene. Pretoria specifically has a lot of talent that needs to be showcased and needs to be grown into a creative capital hub.

MA: Are you guys working on any other projects that we might be interested in?

HF: A partner and I are busy developing an African urban mens line which is still in the pipeline.

MA: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time career wise?

HF: I see myself expanding with my markets as well as into trend forecasting/fashion media industry.

MA: Are you active of social platforms? Where can we follow you? 

Yes you can follow me on:
Twitter @CancellaKelly@FleaHillside@RabbitRunmarket
Instagram @kellycancella – @hillsideflea

Hillside Flea - Mixed Apples feature Hillside Flea - Mixed Apples feature Hillside Flea - Mixed Apples feature Hillside Flea - Mixed Apples feature





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