Had a last minute chat with Leeroy Wildschutt, another flow rider with mad style

Leeroy WildschutteOn our way to building up for the PHD Dirt Jam, we had the amazing privilege of chatting to the gents that are in the scene and pushing themselves to progress. In a few of the interviews, the name Leeroy Wildschutt got mentioned, so we decided to sit down with this cool customer to see how BMX has influenced his life…Check it out:

MA: Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background on how you began riding BMX?

Well it all started back in high school, where i had a friend in my class who used to race bmx. He had this mint, very fresh looking trek TR20 racing bmx, it was nice and he used to wheelie it in a circle. Where i am from, that kind of thing is not seen every day, so for me it was mind blowing. I had never seen a bike or bmx like that before that and i didn’t even know what the sport was called, but i fell in love with it and that is where it all began…. and i am still here lol

MA: What has influenced you over the years to keep pushing and progressing?

X-Games….. Thats all i had in my head when i got on a bike, nothing else mattered, just riding and going all out. However, the best thing was meeting new people in bmx because the more people i met, the more i progressed. People inspired me and i had some great times, so every session was worth it! My good friends today are people i met in bmx, like Hannes JVR, Alex Alison Shapiro, Paul Mabaso Sonderlund, Jacques Forie and Felix Samela…. THANKS for making every session worth it and making me believe in my dreams

Leeroy Wildschutte

MA: I have been hearing and have witnessed you in action, and your are a steeze cat on park courses. What type of rider would you consider yourself as?

Right now i would have to say a park rider, however i started on street, went into the dirt thing which changed everything, but in all honesty, i love everything… On most days, yeah i am a park rider hahaha. About being a steeze cat, im not sure what that means lol but i guess its ok,  right??

MA: What has you most excited about our local riders and how the sport is progressing to heights never seen before in South Africa?

I’m very excited to see riders take action, starting their own thing and doing what’s needed for the sport is very exciting. The dudes at Not Another Zebra, PHD, Evals Bmx and Purple Haze are doing great things. Also the riders like Peter Bentley and Darren Oatley make me very excited, i look up to these guys coz I look up to these guys hahahaha I do LOL….

but BMX is here to stay and their are great things coming


MA: To date, what has been your best achievement as a rider?

Just to still be here, I thank GOD for all these blessings that have come my way and which are still to come, I appreciate it all!! It has all been a DREAM for me…meeting awesome people and seeing amazing places with my little kiddy bike hehe

MA: You are a local Jozi boy and have been riding for years, what has been your best spot to ride over all these years?

I’d have to say the indoor skate park at Festival Mall was my favorite, its where most of my progression happened, as well as great memories and meeting awesome people. Its gone now but Stoneridge in Edenvale is my new home BOOM..

Leeroy Wildschutte

MA: This weekend is the PHD Dirt Jam, are you excited about it and what can we expect from you?

I’m supercalafrotiousley excited about it, the gents put in loads of work for this comp and i am amped that it has taken off the way it has, I’m so proud of my friends. The only sad thing is that i wont be competing due to my ankle injury that happened a week ago…it does feel a lot better though, so lets cross that bridge on Sunday. I am just amped to see all my friends having a sesh.

MA: You have been in the scene for many years, is there anyone that you wish to thank for what you have achieved thus far?

Firstly, i would like to thank my family for supporting me all the way and keeping my rear end out of the streets…i sure dodged bullets there and i am eternally grateful for that!! I thank Jacque for supporting me big time in the past, we had our ups and downs, but i am here thanks to what you did for me, Alex and Paul, by taking us places and just being a true friend. I also want to thank Hannes for always involving me on your journeys, we have been through a lot. Thank you to Jacques Mulder and Werner Hendricks at Daylife for being my first ever legit sponsor and for getting me hooked up with Vans, i really appreciate what you did and still doing for me….Love you guys. I big thank you to Greg Illingworth for getting me on the Mongoose team, and Francois at Omnico for taking good care of me and my bike, it has never looked better. Also for hooking me up on with Monster Energy, still amazed by all the love. A big thanks to Tyrone Kelly at Not Another Zebra for putting me on the Boogaloos team as well as Thabiso May for considering me good enough for the Looney Crew, thanks for making me part of the fam. To Rico for making me want to ride better, you changed my life dude… To Nelson from Mixed Apples, thank you for this opportunity to do a Q&A, hope I didn’t mess it up lol

Leeroy Wildschutte

MA: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

Hopefully still having fun on my bike, that’s what matters to me, and trying to be Good!! Chasing me sponsorship left me dead, so i will hopefully be doing what i love to do, having fun and rolling with friends is my only GOAL.

MA: Where can people follow you?

At parks, in a train… but for my homies we do BLACK TRAIN lol BUT the easy way is Facebook @Leeroy Wildschutt and sorry no twitter I hate birds lol
Leeroy Wildschutte

MA: Lastly, if you could have a sesh with any 3 riders in the world, who would they be?

Always thought of this Question and simply, just the people I’m riding with now!! People who don’t know me always find me weird… I still think I left Paul Ryan scared for life but ya my friends is enough, don’t need to go far, got what I need and I thank God for them!!

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