GUNSHIP to rock Arcade Empire this weekend

GUNSHIP This weekend Arcade Empire will be hosting a Metal Tribute, with the band GUNSHIP as one of the acts on the line-up. They have played at Arcade Empire before and brought thr house down, so we managed to get a word with them to find out all about their journey…this is how it went:

GUNSHIP Arcade Empire Metal tribute.. GUNSHIP

MA: Tell us about your journey to where you guys are today, a little bit of your background? 

We officially got together in April 2012! The band consists of Leon Worst on drums, Erich Walle on bass guitar and backup vocals, Heins Worst on rhythm guitar and backup vocals, Greg Wall on lead guitar and backup vocals and myself, Carlos Sanches on vocals! The band arose out of a dream Greg and Leon had to pay tribute to Metallica’s 1986 masterpiece ‘Master Of Puppets’ playing the album from start to finish with props and a proper sound and lighting rig! Greg, Leon, Erich and Heins had jammed before together in an informal manner and I auditioned for the project and joined the band! As we started learning the ‘Puppets’ album we got more and more into the idea of actually doing a full blown Metallica tribute show and we decided to pursue that!

MA: Where did the name GUNSHIP come from?

Gunship was a name Leon came up with which basically arose out of his love for military aircraft more specifically the C-130 Gunship! We all immediately agreed on the name as it is a very aggressive in your face kind of name which suits thrash metal perfectly. Thrash metal music is very war themed and it suited the image we were going for.


MA: What would you say is your biggest influence and inspiration as a band?

Metallica! That is the reason we got together in the first place although we draw influences from all kinds of 70’s and 80’s hard rock and heavy metal music!

MA: Tell us how your first ever gig went?

Surprisingly it went quite well…it was at a new year’s party on a plot just outside Pretoria! We were the second of three bands on the bill and we got the biggest crowd and had tons of fun performing!

MA: What has you most excited about our local music industry?

Look, we are full blown metal heads so as much as we can see how the S.A. music industry is growing it saddens us to see that heavy metal still takes a back seat but that said newer festivals like RamFest and ThornFest are a nice place to showcase new heavier talent in this country!


MA: To date, what has been your best gig / achievement individually and as a group?

I would say our official launch at Arcade Empire on the 15th of February 2013! We did the full Metallica tribute show! 13 songs, 1 hour and 40 minutes with an amazing sound and lighting rig! Really got us noticed in the Pretoria music scene! Was really awesome to pay tribute to Metallica basically two months before they hit our shores! A lot of childhood dreams were fulfilled that night!

MA: You guys have played at Arcade Empire consistently in the past few months, is it a venue you enjoy to jam at? 

Yes we do…to be fair it is the best live music venue in Pretoria right now and maybe even Gauteng! We always get a good crowd in and the reaction to our shows at Arcade has been amazing!


MA: Are you guys working on any other projects that we might be interested in?

We have our fingers in many pies…although for now Gunship is our top priority. The main aim is to just have as much fun as possible playing the music we love!

MA: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

That is something we have not discussed…for now the sheer joy of playing live and playing the music we love is what pushes us forward every day!


MA: Where can people follow you guys?

People can check out our official Facebook page for updates, pics and links to some live songs. It is Come visit our page and say hi…we’d love that!

MA: Finally, if you could open for any band in the world, who would that be for?

HAHA…well…erm…Metallica I can guess??? HAHA….although Iron Maiden, AC/DC. Megadeth, Def Leppard or a Guns N’ Roses reunion show would be pretty sweet too!

*Photography by Danie De Kock

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