Graffiti artist Falko Shares Big Art with Small Towns

Graffiti artist Falko Shares Big Art with Small Towns

Known for establishing graffiti as a credible visual art form, street artist Falko has embarked on a road trip across the country, using his talent to change perception

Far away from the bright lights of the city lies many a dorpie, village and township, dappled across the South African landscape. In an ambitious journey across the country, world-renowned graffiti artist Falko is changing the locals’ perception of value through his latest project, titled ‘Once Upon a Town’, by adding his artwork to their homes…one small town at a time.

You can watch Once Upon a Town trailer:

Falko is widely regarded as an integral part of the South African Graffiti scene and has had the opportunity to travel around the world through his work. He is now zoned in on exploring the country through his art form.

“In the greater scheme of things, small towns are kinda the back bone of the country – where the things that keep our country running like the agriculture and mining take place. I want to explore South Africa and make use of our geographies, people and infrastructure or the lack thereof. We’ve got everything here to make our work exciting and desirable. All it takes is some vision.”

Graffiti artist Falko Shares Big Art with Small Towns

The idea for Once Upon a Town came from a weeklong project Falko was doing in Delft. “Every day after the program was done I painted a small piece on one of the homes in the street I was in. I saw a change in how the area looked after a few days and the locals were anticipating something from me daily. That really planted the seed for this project,” says the man himself.

Falko has already visited Riebeek West (Western Cape) and Garies (Northern Cape) and the response is usually the same: People welcome him into their community, offering him money for his artwork, cooldrinks and the odd braai. “It’s simple- I’m nice to them and they want to return the kindness.”

Follow his journey and watch the magic unfold in each town at

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