Getting to know Tinos, before he rocks you with WAX this weekend

TinosWe would like to introduce you to Tinos, who will be rocking Trio Nova this weekend. He comes from the era of Vinyl and only wishes that it was still that way! He will be playing the 12-1 set, so get ready to dance! Here is a bit more information on this cool cat from PTA:

  • How did you get the name Tinos?

The name Tinos’ is basically a nic name given to me by friends from school and since Tino is short for my full name Diamantino, I decided to keep to the name Tinos’

  • Do you remember where and how your first every gig was/went?

My first ever gig was at a small intimate club/lounge in Hatfield pretoria called Liquid Limbo, where a friend of mine was a regular guest DJ at the venue and hooked me up with a 45 min guest slot! Nervous to the max I went up and did my set. It was a full night and the people really ‘got down’. From that night I was asked to be a resident DJ, coming in every Friday for a hour slot! So I’d say it went well! Hahaha

  • What has you most excited about the local music industry?

What’s got me excited the most is the way that the South African house scene is being portrayed to the world! I believe we have got some of the worlds best producers and there is still so much hidden talent out there. To me South Africa is and always will be the house capital of the world!

  • To date, what has been your best gig / achievement as an artist?

I think one of the best achievement is being able to host a successful monthly event, together with my partners, and to my knowledge being Pretoria’s longest ongoing, once a month event, from the Smoove days up till now!



  • Are you working on any projects that we might be interested in?

I will soon be uploading a fresh new mix for you guys! 

  • Are you excited for the Trio Nova event this weekend?

Ah yeah for sure!! Djing nowadays has turned completely digital!  (cd’s , laptops etc) I think the concept of Trio Nova offering exclusive vinyl nights is great, both for DJ’s and the party goer ! A true DJ in my opinion knows the feel of a record and to be given the opportunity to drop wax once again and let people feel the vinyl, is a great feeling! 

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

5 years from now I would definitely wanna be more involved in production! But surely will be a devoted husband, great father and successful Dj! 

  • Where can people follow you?

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram on Tino_83DJ or add me on Facebook



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