Getting to know Brent Black Studios #ConsProjectJHB


Brent Black Studios was nothing more than an idea back in 2008 when Brent, while studying, envisioned a studio of his own. By the end of his course in 2011 he turned that dream into a reality. Brent brought Stuart Ponton on as a partner, whom he had become friends with whilst studying together at TUT (Twane University of Technology). They started Brent Black Studios and are now in huge demand and busier than ever. With clients such as: Park Acoustics, Dub All or Nothing (UK), Rand Merchant Bank, Ticketbreak, SAMSA and many more, they seemed to have made a great impression with their work.

Deciding to start a small freelance business is a feat of its own, never once could they of expected it to be this successful so quickly. This is what they had to say about it:

“We are off to a good start, few studios are as lucky as we are when they start out, thanks to the exposure from our clients and jobs.

 This is no small effort; hard work and talent had a lot to do with it. We have pushed the boundaries as often as possible and the response seems to be positive.” 

MA: Where in SA do you come from?

I was born and raised in the Eastern Cape, moved up to Pretoria in 1999, and have never looked back. P town is my home!

MA: What inspires and stimulates your creativity?

Coffee, local design, good music and tight deadlines.

MA: How has South Africa been an influence in your life and your work?

Its been an influence in everything I do, ZA has taught me that hard work gets you places and don’t take life too seriously, and stress less.


MA: What do the words “Converse” and “CONS” represent to you?

Converse has always been a part of my life, as a kid i always wanted the “wimpy shoes”. it represents the ‘cool’ factor.

I have a pair of hi tops that lived through 3 Oppikoppi’s, that’s history right there. People that wear converse work and play hard.

MA: What are your thoughts of Johannesburg being chosen to showcase this awesome CONS Project?

Urban street style meets urban streets?.. no one else would’ve been able to pull it off


MA: Where to next for “BRENT BLACK”?

Currently working on some merchandise, but its taking a bit of time, other than that wherever design takes me.

MA: Looking back at your career, what would you say has been your most memorable moment?

Definitely the registering of the business and officially being my own boss, it was a risky step to take but it has been a great experience.