Get to know the weird but entertaining duo called David & Goliath

david-and-golitah-TNH-29th-JuneIt is getting closer and closer to the next Tomorrow Never Happened event, going down on the 29th June at Arcade Empire, Pretoria’s hottest venue. We had the opportunity to chat to the visually unconventional yet surprisingly entertaining duo called David & Goliath, who look like an odd match on first appearances but definitely have chemistry to turn any dance floor on its freaking head. This is what they had to say:


Kid Robot

He eats biscuits for breakfast.
He is a small guy.
He’ll buy you a tequila, if you are female.
He enjoys dj’ing in a speedo.
He uses protection, from the sun.
He “plays guitar”.
He has a smaller version of himself.
He once played on this island called Ibiza.

He likes sex music.

Doctor Khumalo

He prescribes medicine to those in need.
He is a big guy.
He does not play soccer but he’ll manage your team.
He knows exactly what to play, anytime, any place.
He loves Shivas Rock.
He enjoys dj’ing in a speedo.
He has been on TV, a lot.
South Africa’s most overrated DJ.

This all started when Goliath got stoned.


MA: Tell us where the name David & Goliath comes from? or is it self-explanatory due to height hehe  

hahahahahahahaha Yip it is self-explanatory!!! Started off as a joke when we were on tour in December and it just stuck…Seams to have caught on!

MA: Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background?

It all started the day Goliath got “STONED”

MA: Do you find it difficult to differentiate between your sound as solo artists compared to a act/group??

As  solo artist’s we have very different approaches to our sets but together we challenge each other and just land up having a fuck load of fun!!


MA: How would you classify your style of music as?

We don’t have a definite sound, although we hope people enjoy our sound and sets for one of the reasons that they never know what they going to get expect, offering an insane night of fun…

MA: Tell us how your first ever gig as David & Goliath went?

Well we jammed a few times together for the fun of it but our first proper set was at Arcades birthday party where we landed up playing in speedos and our opening track was the theme song from Baywatch…Good times

MA: What has you most excited about our local music industry?

All the untapped potential and the current local artists pumping out such high standard tunes…

MA: To date, what has been your best achievement as a group?

I guess our best achievement so far is looking  fuck hot in speedos!!!!!


MA: You guys are part of the TNH setup. Does it feel good knowing that you guys are throwing possibly the sickest EDM style events in our Capital?

Well first of all  thank you….. We lucky to be with a team of people that we have, who always try to push things to next level. But ya I guess it feels really good to know that people enjoy what we do.

MA: Are you excited about the the TNH event coming up at the end of the month? 

FUCK YA!!!!!!!!!!!! Super excited for the 29 June, we feel like this will be probably be one of our best productions to date!!

 “looking forward to the nasty surprises we have in store for you guys”

Promo VIDEO for the TNH event, where Goliath tells us how he got saved from the underground life of raving and getting Fucked…

MA: What can we expect from David & Goliath at the event on the 29th June?

You can expect a bitch fuck load of epic fun with a lot of bass, FREE shots, the occasional Nudity and hopefully lots of body shots

Any girls reading this willl receive a large amount of free alcohol for any nudity shown “highly advised”

MA: Are you guys working on any projects that we might be interested in?

We constantly working on new projects so I guess you’ll  just have to follow us to find out..

MA: Where can people follow you?

You can follow DR Khumalo at:

You can follow Kid Robot at:


Event link:


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