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ShadowclubThe awesome South African rock n roll band Shadowclub will be jamming at the HOOK’D party at Town Hall this Friday, so we decided to catch up with them to find out what they have been up to and when we can expect their new album to launch… this is how it went down:  

– Give us a bit of background on your name?

The name comes from a book called ‘The Shadowclub’ that none of us have read. It was the idea of our very first bass player Alex Hing. We were called the ‘Blueberry Hills’ for a day or 2, but then yeah, ‘Shadowclub’ won that battle quite easily.

– What would you say are some of your biggest influences and inspirations as a musician?

Personally I’m a sucker for a dirty bass line and a crunchy groove. If that’s happening, then I’m keen.


– To date, what has been your best gig / achievement as a musician?

Winning a SAMA was nice. Koppi 2013 was definitely a stand out performance for all of us.

– You guys were amazing at Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast a week ago, how did you guys enjoy the performance?

Thank you! Yeah, like I said, we had a blast at Oppikoppi. It was one of those shows where you aren’t thinking about anything other than the amount of fun you’re having on stage. That’s a great thing.

– Your album GUNS & MONEY was a huge success, with you guys touring all over the country, when can we expect your next album to launch?

We’re heading into studio tomorrow to begin recording. An official release date will depend on how long the process takes. I’d love to have it out this year though.

– This Friday, 23rd August, you will be playing at the Hook’D event at Town Hall, are you excited and what can we expect from your performance?

We’re amped to be playing HOOK’D. You can expect a set full of new songs from our (soon to be recorded) 2nd album.


– Are you working on any other projects that we might be interested in?

I launched an electronic dance project with my partner Tamara Dey earlier this year. The band is called ‘Death by Misadventure’, and our debut album ‘Dumb Dumb’ has been signed to JUST Music. I’ve been secretly obsessed with dance music for a long time. Jacques has a side project on the go as well called C.O.A.X. It’s a 2 piece rock n roll band – guitar/vox and drums.

– Where can people follow you guys?

We’re on facebook – Shadowclub Fan Page. We’re also on twitter @shadowclub.

– Finally, if you could work in studio with any artist in the world, who would that be?

Julian Hamilton (The Presets)

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