Get to know Gran’Mah ahead of Park Acoustics – 27th October

Gran'MahThis weekend in Park Acoustics again, which means you will be entertained by some of the coolest up-and-coming, as well as established bands in the country. Here we have a band that is actually from Mozambique, but have been jamming in and around our beautiful country, entertaining people with their Mozambican World Music / Reggae Fusion style tunes. Take a look at the little chat we had with them…

MA: Can you please give us a bit of background to how you started and also introduce us to the band..

Gran’Mah started out in a garage back in 2009 with 4 members. It was a group of friends who had previously played in other bands who got together and decided to form a new one. In the beginning we only played instrumentals, accompanied by voices from different artists that ranged from Hip Hop to Reggae.

With time the band started to grow in popularity and went in search of a vocalist that would match their style. It was only in the beginning of 2012 that the current lead singer, Regina dos Santos, joined the band along with the keyboard player, Miguel Marques, totaling 5 members.

Migz Wilson – drummer
Luis Silva – guitarist
Leo Fernandes – bass player
Miguel Marques – Keyboards
Regina dos Santos – Vocalist.

MA: You guys come from Mozambique, what would you say is your biggest influence in your sound from where you come from?

We have many different influences and each band member has their own musical taste. In Mozambique, the same is true. We grew up listening to Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock, Marrabenta and Pop Music.

MA: Describe your sound in 5 words.

Dub, Reggae, Fusion, Fresh, Feel-good.

MA: What bands inspire your, local and international, dead or alive?

In Mozambique: 340ml, The Rocats, Jimmy Dludlu, Wazimbo, Ghorwane, Stewart Sukuma, Tania Tomé, Mingas to name a few. As for international bands it ranges from John Mayer, Natiruts, Britney Spears (yes), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primitive Reason, etc.

MA: Do you recall your first ever gig as a band? Can you describe it?

Our first ever gig as a band was very memorable. We were all very nervous and excited, as it was the first time ever we were showcasing what we had been working on. The crowd was very receptive and curious to know what we had to bring to the table. A lot of friends were there which also helped to ease the nerves. Once we were through with the first song, everything ran smoothly and finished up with cheers from the crowd.

MA: You going to be playing at Park Acoustics this month, are you guys excited and what can we expect from your performance?

We are very excited to be playing at Park Acoustics, it’s our first time ever playing outside of Mozambique and we’ve heard very good things about it. We hope to bring our passion for music with us and share a little bit of who we are with South Africa. Our music is filled with good vibes and catchy melodies that we believe will add to the great music that’s gonna be heard on that Sunday.

MA: Is this the first time you perform in South Africa?

Yes it is. Apart from We Love Dub on the same weekend, the day before, it is the first time we are playing outside of Mozambique.


MA: What has you most excited about the music industry in general?

Being able to share our music with the world and have cultural exchanges with other bands and people.

MA: To date, was has been some of your highlights as a band?

We loved playing at the Azgo Festival this year. There were many great bands participating, The Brother Moves On, Freshlyground, Bongeziwe Mabandla, Oy, Bomba Estereo and the crowd was amazing, cheering our name at the end. A lot of people hadn’t heard us yet and most Mozambicans thought we were an international band.

Another big highlight was the release of our first official music video last week, called “I Got To Move”, it aired on all national televisions and had some good reviews from the crowd.

MA: Is there anything that you are working on that we might be interested in?

Definitely! We are working on releasing our first album this year, so stay tuned to our social media pages and our website.

MA: Where can people follow you?
Instagram: #granmahband
and subscribe to our youtube page:

  • MA: Lastly, what band would you love to be able to work with one day? 

We would love to be able to work with, John Mayer, Coldplay, Fat Freddys Drop, Dub Inc. To name a few.

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