Gaschette Magazine gets a fresh new look – Issue 6 out now


Gaschette Magazine is South Africa’s leading independent online fashion magazine, showcasing all original content. After the wild success of the first 5 issues, Issue 6 promises to be the most exciting issue yet. Along with the launch of issue 6 – #InDreams, Gaschette also revealed their new look platform.¬†

“First off, none of us had any idea how much Gaschette magazine would grow in just six months. The response has been phenomenal and overwhelming! There was nothing wrong with the old design but we noticed that the old site got a bit slow and clunky with the massive amount content we accumulated in such a short amount of time. The team felt the magazine was still young enough to get a slick new jacket, and we tailored it to fit our title perfectly – we are in fashion after all.”

The new design of the magazine platform aim to make it feel more like a traditional print magazine, The site is now said to be more streamlined and straight to the point. Gaschette is also aiming to become more exclusive by only publishing the best submissions.

Check out issue 6 #InDreams right here , Featuring Tamara Dey and Isaac Klawansky of Death by Misadventure OUT NOW!


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