Fallen Heroes Art Exhibition – 5×5

Fallen Heroes Art Exhibition - 5x5

As of the 28th of August, Fallen Heroes Tattoo Studios launched their third exhibition in the Fallen Heroes gallery space at 53 6th street Parkhurst, called  “5X5”.

The brief for this exhibition was simple. Five pieces by five artists, a fine excuse to put these wonderful minds together in one gallery space. Expect to see linocuts of animal skulls, some “human/animal nonsense”, beautiful literary inspired digital prints, ethereal oil paintings and some detailed hand rendered illustrations.

Some more about these artistic misfits below:

Lauren Schultz

Owner of Jhb based illustration and design studio, Says Who, Lauren spends her days drawing things, eating things and hanging out with her dogs.

Add brown paper packages tied up with string, and you have four of her favourite things.

Jared Viljoen

Jared is a cantankerous designer looking for love in all the wrong places and living vicariously through television. Sometimes he makes things.

Lauren Peachfish

Lauren Peachfish is a might art-beast that leaves other artists trampled in her creative wake. In her spare time she drags needles through the flesh of the willing.

Kim Stokes

Kim is like an adorable small, white mouse in that she darts from corner to corner of the room whilst washing her face with her tiny hands.

Orla Hunter

Freelance art director and designer by day, takes out frustrations with sharp blades and pliable material by night. She’s a Gemini but doesn’t believe in astrology or getting up before 9am likes ponies.


The exhibition will run from the 29th August – 29th October during which time all art works will be on sale. This exhibition will be launched at an exclusive invite only event in conjunction with Jack Daniels Honey on the 28th of August.

For more information contact mel@fallenheroes.co.za or 011 028 0994

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