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A Fashion Revolution

EgalityIn a world that is ever changing and progressively adapting to allow individuals the opportunity to be seen as industry leaders, fashion remains an important factor in the process. We, South Africans, are increasingly looking for unique,  top quality designs at reasonable prices, but still at International quality levels. We find many International brands at our shopping malls now days, however they are often out of our budget.  The other option is buying copies of overseas ‘trends’ that are mass produces in China, sacrificing on quality.

EgalityThe question we should be asking is; where are the local designers? We know that there is an abundance of local talent, as shown in most local fashion magazines or being displayed on the runways at South African fashion week- but where to find these treasures? The answer is simple, at few independent boutiques or at YDE, however none of these offer full collections from top designers being showcased in a stimulating retail environment akin to department stores abroad.

This is where Egality comes in… They are giving the South African public access to the world of clothing design, by our very own local designers.

The essence of EGALITY

Egality“EGALITY is about giving consumers in South Africa access to great designer collections in an entertaining and interesting environment” – “it’s about finding fashion treasure”

This determination to improve the local fashion scene however will benefit more than just us customers – the designers themselves are reaping the rewards of having a confident retailer who really invests in their brands and has an uncompromising commitment to excellence.
Already the EGALITY pop-up store format houses the collections of 11 local fashion brands – with plans to launch 4 more in the next couple of months.

“By showcasing a full collection from each brand – complete with accessories to match the look the designer has created – we can communicate to customers the identity of each brand – and so build a following for the designer that allows them to re-invest in their work and grow”

Where does the name come from?

EGALITY comes from the French ‘Egalité’ meaning Social and Political equality – famously used in the French Revolution slogan “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”: “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood”

Further, EGALITY is principally inspired by the UK department store Liberty of London. The founder Mr. Liberty was a great patron of the Arts and Crafts movement in Victorian Britain – supporting and selling the work of pioneering designers, an approach the present day store continues to pursue.

About Felicity Spies

Felicity SpiesEGALITY is run by Felicity Spies – a British born entrepreneur who “got hooked” on South Africa after a “work project, a trip to the Drakensburg and meeting her ‘Boerseun’ husband”

Felicity’s personal background has some significant fashion heritage.
Part French, Felicity’s great-grandfather owned a fabric mill in the Champagne region creating exclusive woolens for the Paris couture industry – while her Aunts modeled for Christian Dior himself in the ‘50s

With an artist Mother and Sister and Nuclear engineer Father, Felicity developed a passion for both design and the more scientific discipline of business.
Felicity gained experience in business working first for an international strategy-consulting firm (engaging with the likes of Burberry in the UK). Later she joined Edcon here in South Africa where her passion for the local retail industry was cemented.

Where to find Egality

Twitter: @EGALITYfashion
Address: 25 4th Avenue (cnr 11th st.), Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Felicity SpiesEgalityFelicity SpiesEgalityFelicity SpiesEgality


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