Earl Grey and Croquet are excited for Rise & Shine festival

Earl Grey and Croquet

Earl Grey And Croquet’s stage show is a professional act, led by energetic and lively Laurie Sloan, with the two brothers, Chris and Jonny Smith keeping the beat alive and moving. Dan ‘the man’ Millar on bass, keeps the songs grounded with his steady and groovy riffs.

“We are Earl Grey And Croquet – five young musicians and friends with a unique and original approach to music, song writing and performing. Our music entertains and stimulates, taking audience’s on a trips of highs and lows, thrills and chills all with easy-to-listen-to, innovative music.”

Earl Grey and Croquet consists of:

  • Dan Millar – Bass
  • Laurie Sloan – Vocals, Guitar and Piano
  • Chris Smith – Guitar
  • Jonny Smith – Drums
  • Noah Bamberger – Keys and Guitar (newest member)


We caught up with Chris Smith to ask a few questions, this is what he had to say:

  •  Tell us a little bit more about your journey to where you are today

Well Laurie and I have been mates since nursery school, believe it! We have always shared a common love for music, except when Laurie went through a dark House and R&B phase, which not many people know about, but I feel your readers should know. 

Through high school we have had little acoustic projects one of them called Kingston Frost with our mate Markus who wrote a lot of the songs and sang. He ended up being  the drummer in EGC before Jonny joined. What a legend. Later on in high school we formed EGC, with Dan, but he didn’t play bass he played triangle at our first gig. A massive 60cm triangle with the worst sound ever. My brother Jonny joined the band about three years ago and from there we recorded and have toured quite a bit, so I think from there we formally became a band with goals and objectives. Noah (top legend) joined the band recently on keys and flute (he nails the flute in Going Up The Country).

Earl Grey and Croquet

  • What are your music influences?

Personally I’m influenced by the old school rockers! 

  • You will be performing at the Rise & Shine festival this weekend. Ae you guys excited to be part of this amazing initiative?

Oh yes indeed! Its so amazing to see festivals like this around Joburg and an appreciation for folk and true songwriters. Not DJ’s man, that can stay at H20. Its also such a privilege to be on the same bill of some of South Africa’s top songwriters who are true musicians.

  • What can we expect from you on Saturday?

Well its always a bit tricky doing a chilled acoustic set as each instrument in EGC is very prominent and we all feed off one another, so to remove some instruments can change things around quite a bit! We’ve tried to keep the psychedelic aspects to the band and keep the energy! Its been exciting to change things around!

  • What has been your most memorable moment as a band?

As a band there’s been many ‘rock n roll’ moments but one ‘feel good’ moment was on a tour in East London, strange enough. We were all pretty tired and unkeen for the show and it landed up being a cracker! Some people singing along to our songs, sold all our merch and CDs. So I didn’t expect that at all! Most of the band hate EL, but for me that totally redeemed it.  

Earl Grey and Croquet

  • What would be the one festival you would love to play at, anywhere in the world?

Yoh there are so many. I think Lollapalooza for sure! There’s also a few festivals in Pyongyang, North Korea, which sound quite exciting. 

  •  Are you working on any projects at the moment that you would like to tell us more about?

Well we are waiting to release our next EP. Its just the remixing process it taking ages. Hopefully we can sort that out ASAP! 

  • Where can people follow you?

Facebook: Earl Grey And Croquet

Twitter: @EarlGreyCroquet

Soundcloud: Earl Grey And Croquet

Photography by the talented Nadine Aucamp, follow her at:

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