Do you know of The Rudimentals?? Well we do, now… So can you! Check their interview for Park Acoustis.

The RudimentalsWe are so excited to have had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the guys, and gals, from The Rudimentals. They are a Cape Town based band, consisting of MANY awesome talents, bringing to the world their own unique blended sound. They will be rocking the Jack Daniel’s main stage at 14:00, just before aKing and Mango Groove. Take a look at the interview we did with them:

MA: Hey there guys, how we doing today?

Hi Nelson.  We are all doing great and are seriously looking forward to playing for Pretoria.

MA: Tell us a little bit of about yourselves and please introduce us to the group?

We are The Rudimentals a nine piece Cape Town based ska/reggae/dance hall/afro/club band who play our own unique type of music.

The band consists of:
Kyle (drums)
Bong (bass)
Ross (trombone)
Jody (trumpet)
Nikolai (keys)
Tony (keys & synth)
Doc Mike (guitar)
Teboes on vocals.

We also have as guests Khaos from Jamaica and Whoosain from Brooklyn, New York who will be guest MC’s for the gig.

The Rudimentals

MA: What are some of the influences in your sound?

Our influences are drawn from all genres of music, because the band itself is such a wide range of ages, cultures and influences.  So from township, jive Zimbabwe rhythms, jazz, rock, blues and metal- there are elements of all these types of music in our songs.

MA: When you guys started out, what was your objectives? To just play and have fun doing what you love, or was it always a matter of making it big?

Our objective is, and always was , to bring the music that makes us happy, to the people, and to convey those moral, political and emotional messages that we as a band feel, across to listening public – because the are ultimately the momentum that forces change.  We have always hope that our message and our music would get bigger than the band itself; but if getting people to listen to, and react to our music and our message, is termed “making it big” then yes we would like to make it big.

MA: In the ever growing local music industry, what has you guys most excited and how do you think your sound suits the open minded nature of people these days?

Since we started out in 2001 we have seen a huge resurgence in bands playing reggae, ska and trying their own versions of these sounds.  It is really great to see new young bands being prepared to go out and try their own unique brand of music. Generic sucks!!

MA: I read that you guys toured with UB40 and have played alongside the legendary Wailers, amongst many others. To date what has been your best experience as a band?

Playing with big international names is great experience and a good learning curve but some of the best gigs and most rewarding sometimes  comes from playing to a small really appreciative crowd who GETS what you are playing rather than simply seeing you perform.

MA: You guys are playing at the final Park Acoustics of 2013, does this excite you guys and what can we expect from your performance?

It maybe Park Accoustic last gig , and we feel extremely honoured to be invited and to play in such a great line up.  BUT it is the start of our season in Cape Town and serious deviations from our normal sounds – some new electro sounds – some amazing Jamaican Dance Hall from Khaos.

Park Acoustics banner

MA: What other project are you guys working on?

The Rudimentals ARE a continuous project constantly changing and evolving.  We have a process where we embrace new singers, rappers and singers who are in Cape Town and utilize their skills in shows.  Often their influences rub off on us and we like to feel that it works vice versa as well.

MA: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

In five years time, we will still be based in Cape Town.  We all hold down full time other jobs and responsibilities (the band consists of a doctor, 2 music school teachers, an environmental chemist, a music producer amongst other things).  We are all committed to try and tour and will be able to make time to do that.

MA: Where can we follow you guys?

We are on facebook, twitter, youtube, reverbanation, sound cloud, and our website

MA: Lastly, is there any festival in the world you would still love to play at one day?

Festivals – Yeah as a band we love them, and our energy is so geared up to festival atmosphere.  We have been invited to numerous in UK and Europe, but time constraints (and 12 airfares) have limited us.  Pinkpop, Reggae sunsplash, Sakifo festival and Rio Lolo are all firmly in our sights!

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