Deep Inspiration Show 285 “Guestmix by Kyle Russouw (Cape Town, South Africa)”

Deep Inspiration Show 285 "Guestmix by Kyle Russouw (Cape Town, South Africa)"

This week on the DEEP INSPIRATION SHOW is another talented DJ from South Africa, who goes by the name Kyle Russouw. This talented man hails from Cape Town and is a deep house artist, passionate about the scene in SA! Take a listen to his mix her, as well as the interview we did with him:


Deep Inspiration Show 285 "Guestmix by Kyle Russouw (Cape Town, South Africa)"

MA: Good Morning, thanks for your time… Please can you introduce yourselves and tell us where are you from?
Hi im Kyle Russouw born in South Africa lives in cape town in a place called Kensington
MA: Can you give us a bit of background on how you got started in music?
I was just very interested  into DJ-ing. I then went to go study music and music production, which I want to further in the new year. Ever since I have been trying to pursue a career in becoming a musician artist .
MA: Do you only DJ? or are you involved in production too?
I do produce, but I am working towards building my DJ platform before releasing any of my productions.
MA: What have been your biggest influences and inspirations in your music journey thus far?
Thus far it has been everything where I have featured as a guest to a specific party (Headliner)
MA: How would you describe your DJ style?
Its always evolving, depending on where my next performance will take place. And that’s how I will adapt. It will always be versatile.
MA: What has you most excited about the local music scene at the moment?
The increasing amount of supporters that are attending house music parties. Aswell as the amount of international guest that are featuring on our local scene is very exciting.
MA: What has been some of your highlights as a DJ?
i cant really think of any specific occasion there are many i can think of must be one occasion the most expected dj expected for the evening could not for some personal reason i then played in his place unexpectedly i was 18 at the time i heald things down to the end leaving a good impression behind.
MA: What is your hottest track at the moment?
Hottest track phew that’s  hard Ac EXP01 anonymous artist
Deep Inspiration Show 285 "Guestmix by Kyle Russouw (Cape Town, South Africa)"
MA: What can we expect from this guest mix on the Deep Inspiration Show?
what can be expect in this tape of music selection is i have tried to express the name and represent deep inspirationsfor the followers of this series of the deep inspirations show
MA: Where can people follow you?
Facebook: Kyle Russouw
Twitter @kylerussouw
MA: Finally, what is the one music festival you still wish to play at one day?

CTEMF Rocking the daisies macufa these our local festival id be happy to play at any given festival as well.

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