Deep Inspiration Show 274 “BBQ RULES” – JAZZMAN (Germany)

Deep Inspiration Show 274 "BBQ RULES" - JAZZMAN (Germany)

Good morning world, happy Youth Day celebrations for yesterday and happy Tuesday to all that are up for this short week ahead of us. The DEEP INSPIRATION SHOW has been a weekly feature on Mixed Apples for a few months now, with some amazing mixes and interviews being showcased by various talented DJ’s/Producers from all over South Africa and Europe, mainly Germany, as this is where Jazzman comes from. Jazzman is the man behind this awesome weekly podcast, who has given us the opportunity to join forces and promote all the brilliant artists he showcases on a weekly basis. We eventually got to have our interview answered by the man behind the show, this is how it went down:


Deep Inspiration Show 274 "BBQ RULES" - JAZZMAN (Germany)

MA: Good Morning bro, thanks for your time…To get started, please can you introduce yourselves and tell us where are you from?

My name is René Wolski aka Jazzman. I’m 30 years old and I live in Bielefeld, Germany.

MA: Can you give us a bit of background on how you got started in music?

Music was always very important to me. Since the age of 12 I already listened to a lot of electronic music because my brother was a DJ too, playing this typical “Mayday Rave” and later some house too. From that time onwards, I was very interested in a lot of electronic music styles, listening mostly to Techno and House. At the age of 16 I got my first internet connection and I downloaded a lot of mixes from international DJ’s like DJ Sneak, Masters at Work, Joey Negro.  At the age of 18 I decided to start DJ’ing myself. My brother gave me a little loan to buy 2 turntables and a mixer and I am still using these 2 Technics turntables today 🙂

Deep Inspiration Show 274 "BBQ RULES" - JAZZMAN (Germany)

MA: What have been your biggest influences and inspirations in your music journey thus far?

I really love a lot of DJ’s and musicians, but one of the biggest inspirations to play the deep shit was “Larry Heard”. I always downloaded his mixes @ “deephousepage”. At the same time, Lars Behrenroth started his “Deeper Shades of House” show on a German radio channel, which was the first and perhaps the last real deep house radio show on a German radio channel, which I checked regularly. I think Lars and Larry were really the biggest inspiration for me playing deep house, because that was my first contact with the deeper side of house music.

MA: Do you only DJ? or are you involved in production too?

Yes I`m only a DJ but I prefer to be called a music selector 😉 I don’t think that I will ever start doing my own productions, because the DJ’ing and my Deep Inspiration Show take up enough of my time.

MA: What has been some of your highlights in your music journey thus far?

That question is easy…. SOUTH AFRICA!!! I don’t play a lot of gigs in Germany. The most of the gigs where I play are in bars, cafes and beach locations. South Africa is really something different and special! I love to play there. All events where I played were excellent from the music and the people. I never saw so many people who are interested in this type of house music. Can’t wait to play again in South Africa again!!! I wish that we had this in Germany, where so many people who understands this type of music and like to party to it.

Deep Inspiration Show

MA: You are the mastermind of the DEEP INSPIRATION SHOW, what was your initial idea with the show and where do you see it progressing to?

I started the show in 2008, however, I already had a little website ( before this, with a friend of mine, where together we would present our mixes and also some tapes from guests DJ’s. But that show was more a monthly podcast and I was so addicted in doing mixtapes on a weekly basis, that I decided to do my own show. There was never a big concept behind it, only that I shared week for week the music that I love and If I have no time to do a mix I present mixes from other DJ’s who have the same passion for music as I do.

MA: How does an aspiring DJ get their mix played on the show?

In the last time I choose the guests for the show, because I get every week around 5-10 messages from people who want a guestmix. I really appreciate that so many people are interested to get a mix on my show, but I can’t play every mix. In the first 100 shows I had perhaps 10 guestmixes and I have to ask the people if they are interested. Now I play every month 2 or 3 guestmixes, because so many good DJ’s are interested to do mixes for my show and sure it’s not easy to present every week a mix from myself. It needs always a lot of time to get enough tracks to do the next show, because there is too much music out in the world. But it’s very nice that so many labels and artists trust me and send me always their tracks as a promo.

MA: What is your hottest track for you at the moment?

Romeo C – Trees [Just Move Records] …..excellent deep disco track !

Deep Inspiration Show 274 "BBQ RULES" - JAZZMAN (Germany)

MA: When are you coming back to SA?

Yes, I’m coming back later this year! My promoter is still organizing it. Dates will be revealed soon! For bookings in SA please contact Geoff. Email: or phone him: +27 614593732

MA: Where can people follow you?

Deep Inspiration Show:

Deep Inspiration Show Website:

Thanks a lot for the interview and all the support from Mixed Apples!!!

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  1. Mr Charles says:

    Wow wow u go man am ur number #1 fan…S.A

  2. Bella says:

    Love Jazzman… Humble & talented beyond measure!

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