Deep Inspiration Show 265 Guestmix by Mohau Billy & Christopher Keys (Joburg, South Africa)

Deep Inspiration Show 265 Guestmix by Mohau Billy & Christopher Keys (Joburg, South Africa)Good morning all you beautiful, happy people… We have the latest DEEP INSPIRATION SHOW 265 – Mixed by Mohau Billy and Christopher Keys, from Johannesburg. This is such a sweet 2 hour set that will put you in such a great mood when you are done. We caught up with the gents, have a look at what they had to say:


MA:  Please can you introduce yourselves to us and tell us where in SA do you come from?

BM: I am Billy Mohau, I am from Soweto
CK: Chris Keys, I was born and bred in Johannesburg. I been many places around the globe, but nothing beats home.

MA: How do the two of you know each other?

BM: We met at The Warm Up.
CK: I think we met at the Warm Up, when i was still playing for them, its more than a year ago now.

MA: Can you give us a bit of background on how you got started in music?

BM: I grew up listening to George Duke, Barry White etc, then in 2006 i met this guy who introduced me to deep house, he was student at Soul Candi. I started collecting vinyl in 2007 from House Afrika. When i started I was just buying anything. I guess we all start somewhere, later in 2009 i met Nilesh Bhana at vinyl joint.

CK: I been collecting records since i was 10/11, my mom played a big roll in terms of getting me into music. She always had amazing weird records and they inspired me to look beyond the charts for interesting sounds.. I learnt to play the piano when i was kid too, but I hated that and it didnt influence me the way clubs did when i could finally get into them.

MA: Do you only DJ? or are you involved in production too?

BM: This new project with Chris will be about dj’ing and production.

CK: Yes i do some production. As Sad Ghost, ive had edits released on Rotating Souls, Magic Wand & American Standard. I’ve done some remixing as well and am currently working on original more Housier material. Also this new project with Billy promises good things.

MA: What have been your biggest influences and inspirations in your music journey thus far?

CK: That’s a hard one. I’ve been lucky to witness and have many great moments in my musical journey, i’d say most recently is the working relationship I have with Marcel Vogel of Lumberjacks In Hell. He inspires me and I learn a lot from him. If you listen to his mixes, you’re basically being challenged to dig deeper, to not get too hung up on definitions and to experiment.

MA: How would you describe your DJ style?

BM: I say let the music do the talking, its our motto and we pride ourselves on being able to cover a wide range of music that is fun for everyone who listens…

CK: I guess i have two styles, one is a deep house thing, the other is a more disco/digging/less obvious kind of a thing.

MA: What has you most excited about the local music scene at the moment?

BM: South africa has the most exciting music scene in the world at the moment. there are a lot of exciting events like Plastic People doing a monthly vinyl sessions, Vinyl Digz, Raw Groove, Avante Garde and more.

CK: wow, so much. currently pushing all the right buttons in all the right places for me are people like Sahin Meyer, Joyfull Noise, Plastic People, Avant Garde, DJ Bubbles…. all these guys are pushing things forward, coming up with original content and generally avoiding the cheesier side of this industry. All these new voices inspire me big time, they make me want to raise my game more…

MA: Any local producers/DJ’s that you digging right now?

BM: There are a lot of very talented producers here in South Africa. Terrence Pearce has being doing a great job with releases on Kolour Ltd, Future Boogie, Fina Records. Sahin Meyer are really representing for us and have been doing some quality remixes for international producers.

CK: yip the ones i mention above.

MA: What dont you leave the house without?

BM: hahahaha. My Phone

MA: What is your hottest track at the moment?

BM: Well there is so much good music out there at the moment, but definately it has to be Saine (black ops vol 5)

CK: Right this minute, it would have to be the Linkswood remix of Inkswell.

MA: What can we expect from this guest mix on the Deep Inspiration Show?

CK: Some old and some new late night deep house music with some techno & disco elements mixed in. It’s all off vinyl, there is some low end noise coming from my mixing desk, some distortion that pops up here and there and a record jump or two… it’s definitely analog. the roughness and warmth reminded me of an old cassette mix… hence the name of the mix.

MA: Anything that you are working on that we might be interested in?

CK: im busy working on a bunch of new edits for an upcoming Sad Ghost release and as i mentioned i’m working on new original material…

MA: Where can people follow you?

BM: Soundcloud and Facebook

CK: Im not big on self promotion and multiple social media platforms, but people can friend me on facebook

MA: Finally, what is the one music festival you still wish to play at one day?

BM: Definitley ADE

CK: Dont think im quiet ready to play there yet, but id love a go at playing at Dekmantle or Amsterdam Dance Event.

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