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Dan Patlansky is one of the most talented guitarists in the country, mesmerising party-goers all of SA with his breathtaking solo’s and technical riffs. He has had a hugely successful last couple of years, playing shows in Germany alongside Everlast and also opening for Bruce Springsteen on his SA tour.

Dan Patlansky has also just released his latest album, DEAR SILENCE THIEVES, which is a well rounded and expressive product of Dan as a songwriter, with his amazing guitar solo’s thrown in the mix for extra measure. As he says, “after all its my passion”… Take a look at what he has to say about all this:



MA: Nice to be chatting to you again…

DAN: You too

MA: Since we last spoke, you have been incredibly busy… tell us about 2013 Dan? You were the supporting act for Bruce Springsteen’s SA Tour, you toured with Everlast in Germany and you have been announced as one of the headliners for the Horsens festival in Denmark later this year…those are some incredible accomplishments!

DAN: 2013 was a crazy busy year with lots of travel. We released our first acoustic album ever called Wooden Thoughts which was a great success . So needless to say lots of acoustic unplugged touring was done in SA. I headed to the UK in Sep with good friend of mine Nibs Van Der Spuy and we did some show together in London, which were fantastic. Nibs is such a great musician and human being. I also did some Irish dates will I was there. Later in 2013 I joined Everlast on the German leg of his tour as support act. This was awesome! What a live act Everlast is! After that my band joined me and we continued to tour the club scene doing the Horsen Blues fest in Denmark for the first time. As you know they have announced us as a headline act for this. And then last but not least we did the Springsteen support show at FNB stadium in Feb this year which was a life changing experience .

MA: Before we get chatting about your latest album, “DEAR SILENCE THIEVES”, I would like to know you thoughts on your previous album, “20 STONES”, being chosen as one of the top 10 Blues Rock albums of 2012 y the Blues Rock Review in the USA, as well as the track “Daddy’s Old Gun” being chosen as on of the best singles of 2012 by Rolling Stones SA…

DAN: I am very proud of these indeed. 20 Stones did far better out there than i ever expected. I was blown away at the #10 spot for 2012, and equally with the Rolling stoneS singles list. Wooden thoughts in 2013 also made the Blues Rock Review list at #16 for 2013. Which I was very stoked about.

MA: Now lets chat about “DEAR SILENCE THIEVES”… What can we expect from this album? Are you going to blow our minds with your amazing “Fender electric-fuelled storytelling”, which we are so accustomed to, or do you have a few surprises in this album?

DAN: I think this album is far more balanced than previous ones in the sense that I focused heavily on the writing before I even thought about guitar solos and such. I think its the strongest material yet. But saying that theres still plenty of guitar playing all over this record, after all its my passion.


MA: Where can people get a copy of your latest album?

DAN: We release it in May. Hard copies to begin with will only be available at the live launch shows. It will be released world wide digitally end of May.

MA: With the album release, you will be doing a 10 date album tour, taking you all over the country, as well as to Mozambique and Swaziland. What can we expect from your tour?

DAN: I think we got the best set I’ve ever had for this tour. We will be playing all the new tunes from Dear Silence Thieves + a few cool other tunes that we’ve never played before. For me it needs to be a level 12 performance every night. Cant wait to get things rolling.

MA: After your tour dates in May, what else do you have in store for 2014? Besides your International tour to Denmark for the Horsens festival. 

DAN: Well we continue to tour DST around SA to some smaller towns we won’t hit on the may tour. Me and good friend Albert Frost are doing a set of colab shows at Grahamstown fest and at Opiikoppi this year. And end of the year my annual guitar weekends and a Europian tour

MA: Tell us again, where can we follow you on social media? 

Facebook:- danpatlanskymusic/
twitter:- @danpatlansky

MA: Lastly, is there any artist you still wish to collaborate with in the future?

DAN: Joe Bonamassa

MA: Thank you for your time and best of luck for your album tour…

DAN: Cheers


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TOUR DATES: Dear Silent Thieves will convene here:


8 May

9 May

Arcade Empire – Potchefstroom

Rivonia Barnyard – Johannesburg


011 234 2033

10 May Atterbury Theatre – Pretoria 012 471 1701
15 May George Arts Theatre – George Beatrice 044 874 3142
16 May Cash Store – Port Elizabeth 041 366 1211
17 May Cash Store – Port Elizabeth 041 366 1211
18 May Potter’s Place – Jeffreys’ Theatre 042 293 2500
19 May Fugard Theatre – Cape Town 021 461 4554
24 May Strab – Mozambique http://www.strab.co.za/bookings-prices.html
26 May Gateway Barnyard – Durban 031 566 3045
31 May Bush Fire Festival – Swaziland  

For more information:
Dan Patlansky websitewww.danpatlansky.com
Dan Patlansky on FacebookFacebook: www.facebook.com/danpatlanskymusic
Dan Patlansky on TwitterTwitter @danpatlansky
Dan Patlansky on YouTubewww.youtube.com/user/DANPATLANSKYfull


Dear Silent Thieves (2014)
Wooden Thoughts
20 Stones
Move My Soul
Real (
True Blues
Standing at the Station


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